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LR45 Initial

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Well-known member
Jan 28, 2002
Does anyone have any good/bad comments from initial at either Bombardier in Dallas or Flightsafety Tucson? Each said they would match the price of the either just to get our business.

They have two sims in Dallas which means a better chance of getting a good sim time and bonedaddy's is only five minutes from the training center.
This might be hard for any of us to comment as as we have all either gone to Bombardier or to FSI.

I have been going to Bombardier for the last 3 years, and cant fault them. (well there is one older Instructor who is on my no fly list, he was incredibly derogatory towards my low time FO and is really quite a rude old guy). The ground school is good at DFW and they have a whole wing and lots of bits of the plane in the basement you can go and play with, and a couple of FMS trainers if you arent used to the sillyness of the Universal. Plus I think from a Trainee perspective the Bombardier / Simuflite facility is better for a student, and its huge!
I had my initial in TUS many years ago, and many recurrents in Dallas. Which one is easier to get to also makes a difference. I would do Dallas just for Bone Daddy's, Hooters and Twin Peaks...:)
and bonedaddy's is only five minutes from the training center.


Their flying pig sandwich is awesome!
Always went to learjet school in Tucson.

Never been to a "bonedaddys" anywhere, but I can recommend Raiders Reef!
Have done LR45 stuff both at Bombardier in Dallas and FSI in ATL. Groundschool wise, I thought the instructors at FSI ATL were much better. Facility wise, I think the Bombardier Dallas has more to offer. Throw in Bonedaddy's, and Dallas is hard to pass up.
I haven't gone to school in the 45, but I have in the 60. I would echo what FastJP4 said about both places. Like the facilities better @ Dallas but instruction is better at FSI in ATL.

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