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lowest available flight level

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beats working

Active member
Apr 16, 2002
Hi all,

Cramming for an interview here. I know that when pressure is low, FL180 is unavailable. Does anyone know the details--i.e. when is it unavialable. when is FL190 unavailable, etc.

Lowest usable flight level:
29.92 or higher- 180
29.91-29.42 - 185
29.41-28.92 - 190
28.91-28.42 - 195
28.41-27.92 - 200
27.91-27.42 - 205

etc, etc, etc....

This is contained in 91.121

Good luck with the interview. Relax and be yourself. If they didn't want to hire you, they wouldn't have invited you for an interview. Keep cramming, this wasn't very hard to find.
Just remember that below standard pressure, 29.92, FL180 is unavailable. I don't know who flies at FL185 and when is the last time you saw an altimeter below 29.41.
I've seen altimeter settings in the mid to low 28s on Feb. 25, 2001. Winds at one Michigan airport I took the Chieftain into that day were 35 kts. gusting to 46. Runway had just been upgraded from "nil" braking to "poor".

Gotta love flying freight - and differential power for crosswind landings!

Lowest recorded sea level pressure: Typhoon Tip, Oct. 1979 - 25.70 in/hg.

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