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Lowering ALPA dues

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Jun 18, 2004
With all these major paycuts coming or already here any chance ALPA could help us out by lowering the dues a bit??? Maybe go to 1.00 or 1.50 percent vs. 2.00???? for some captains it could save around 150-300 dollars a month and FO 25-100 bucks a month??? It would be nice if we could have lower dues at least while our airline is in bankruptcy. Any chance this could happen??With all the paycuts we HAVE to take, we HAVE to find ways to help supplement our income. The airlines say they are bankrupt and they go to the most extreme to take as much as they can, take and take to survive so they say. Well I feel that if they are bankrupt then I must live and act like I am bankrupt saving money in anyway possible, since they are taking money away. I see alot less of tipping van drivers coming in the near future, no more biggie size meals and using more coupons.
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You've got to be kidding me. ALPA National and most councils are already cutting expenses like mad because of several years of declining dues, and you want to reduce them? ALPA would completely cease to function if dues were cut to 1%.
yes that would be nice, last i saw the lowest paid national position paid 121,000/year. DW himself rakes in over 400,000 year.
Since your dues are calculated as a percentage of your pay, a decrease in your pay means there is a decrease in your dues.

If you're unhappy with any of the policies of ALPA, you are free to propose a resolution at your LEC meeting. Your voice can only be heard if you speak up, and complaining on FlightInfo about it doesn't count. Put it to a vote!


A decrease in pay is a decrease in take home pay, and still paying 2.00 union dues. All I am saying is a slight decrease in union dues percentage for a short time while in Bankruptcy would help out alot for the ones that need it!!!!!! ALPA is not going to shut down becuase of a small short term percentage drop for pilots that are in bankruptcy..
By that logic then, since small-jet carrier pilots make so much less than large-jet carrier pilots, especially in the first few years, maybe they shouldn't pay 1.95% even in the good times. Yeah, that's it! Small-jet pilots pay .95% to ALPA and large-jet pilots pay 2.95% in dues. I mean since small-jet pilots are "struggling to make ends meet in difficult times" (i.e. all the time) then this ALPA-sponsored welfare is just the solution.

Oh, yeah, one flaw in my logic: mainline carrier pay cuts over the past few years have brought pay down so much it is blurring the line between small-jet and large-jet pay.

As was said before, while the percentage stays the same a pay cut also equals a dues cut. ALPA is under financial pressures, too. It is doing all it can do reduce overhead and costs while still providing its membership with the resources needed to assist in minimizing the concessionary damage.
You regional guys bitch about ALPA favoring the majors. They favor them because they bring in more dues to ALPA. So if you want equal representation form ALPA you must bring in the same amount or more of dues that a majors pilot group brings in. And since the regionals are typically smaller in number of pilots and make less money than the majors, the regionals dues should be HIGHER than the majors to make up for the difference!
ALPA has lowered their dues........... furloughs

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