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Looking for a Army Guard pilot opening.

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Captain Happy

Well-known member
Oct 10, 2005
Good Morning all. I need help finding an Army Guard unit needing Pilots. I am a former CW-2. I was a HUEY, and COBRA guy. I would love a HAWK or SHERPA. I am currently a layed off Airline type looking for a parttime home. I am in Florida ( Orlando) and would like to stay here. Does anyone have the contact numbers for JAXs or Brooksville? Finding any of these guys is damn hard. Thanks in advance for any help.

Keep the dirty side down!
I just got back from the desert and the C23 units are flying their butts off on one year tours in Iraq and Kuwait. Many will bail when they get back to the States because the rotations will have them back in the sand within a year or two. Since you have fixed wing experience it would be an easy transition after AQC and that means money saved for the Guard. Start calling around, a lot of units have people retiring or bailing when the deployment cycle approaches. Good luck.
At one time, there was a USAR FW unit at MCO. I had to perform a SUTA there years ago. I don't know if they are still there. As I recall, it was at the SW corner of the airport property across from an Air Tran hangar.

Good luck!
Hey Slim, Thanks, I believe they were phased out right after Desrert Storm. Alot of the reserve Units sadly lost their assets around that time. Or they might be the Unit over in the Tampa area. Again Thanks.

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