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Oct 19, 2004
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Has there been any thought about long term solutions to these outrageous fuel prices? While everyone that is forced to use fuel on a daily basis, from the airline industry all the way dwon to the lawn guy feels the pintch. The guys in OPEC, exxon, and BP post record profits in the billions.

Is ALPA and the ATA looking at any type of long term solution to this problem? We all use the short term ideas like single engine taxi, but what about long term?
Are they putting pressure on engine manufacturers to develop engines that don't use Jet A. Maybe a different type of fuel that burns cleaner and doesn't weigh as much. The 7E7 would have been a prime test bed for an engine of this type.

Or how about in the near term having the oil barrons share the wealth to fund these projects.

Just a thought...


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Nov 26, 2001
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Unfortunately, it seems that aviation, especially commercial aviation will be the last user of petroleum based fuels. There is absolutely nothing on the horizon that equals the energy content and storability/portability of jetA. When you think about it, airplane fuel is pretty high tech stuff and the requirements are numerous and stringent.

Airplane fuel must be: (in no particular order and non-inclusive) BTU dense, portable, storable, able to fit into aero suitable structures like wings, able to withstand widely varying ambient conditions, resistant to deterioration over short periods of time, and widely available.

I'm afraid that we're stuck paying for kerosine for the foreseeable future.



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Dec 17, 2003
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Skychief said:
What about raising ticket prices to cover the cost of the flight?
That's already happening...go to www.google.com, click "news" on the tool bar and when you get to the news page, search key word "Airline". You'll find no shortage of recent stories about the increase in airfares.

In fact, on the way home from work last night the news had a story that said Dominoes is going to charge a 1.00 fuel surcharge on it's delivered pizzas.

Maybe those of us that drive to work should charge a fuel surcharge back to our employers?