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Well-known member
Mar 1, 2002
For those of you pilots that bitch about everything, get over it. You choose this career, you choose the company you work for and you knew the risks of the trade. I am sick of all of the bitching. We pilots are fortunate enough to do something we love and get paid for it. There is no way any company could make us all happy but it sure would be nice if I didn't have to listen to people bitch about every little thing. So for those of you I am talking about and you know who you are.... Get over it!!!
Option two, find a different line of work.
With all due respect toward you and your experience I couldn't stop observing that you are using a negative to a negation. In few words what are you doing in your post is bitching about the ones who are bitching. That doesn't put above the ones who are doing it. Just my observation with plenty of apologies.
Now! Do you know the difference between a pilot and a jet engine?...................Jet engine stops whining once reaches the gate.
Salve Captain...Moritori te salutant
Hey snine,

Didn't you just a few months ago have only 1200 hours and trying to get on with Commutair or something like that? Life must be moving quickly for you!
From a previous Snine post:

"For all woundering about current times and experiance...
Over 1300 total
Over 300 Multi
Currently CFI, most teaching done in a Beech Baron"
snine3departure said:
Just wanted to see the reaction this post would get. Although wouldn't it be nice if we all were happy in the cockpit!!!

Find another hobby. BTW what does that have to do with changing/lying on your profile? Afraid no one would take you seriouly. Imagine that?

I agree brotha man. I've been a commuter pilot for almost 5 years (maybe not that long, but long enough) and I still love it.
Wasn't this snine dude trying to get on with Commutair and asking if he should hold out for an RJ job instead of flying the lowly 1900? Yeah, it looks like he's logged another 5700 hours in the last four months or so. Pathetic...

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