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List of jobs with 2 weeks on/2 weeks off schedules

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Active member
Mar 25, 2004
Anyone with information on flying jobs that have a schedule of 14 on 14 off ?

Let's get a list going for those that don't want to move around chasing flying jobs or work for regionals.

I recall an air ambulance company with a schedule like that. That would be the cat's meow for me. Anybody recall who it is?
Lots of supplemental freight companies offer skeds like that.
Express.Net is one. I think that similar schedules theoretically apply at Polar and CAT.
Capital cargo is exclusively 2 on/2 off
the following airlines, from what i've heard, have lines that are 2 on/2 off..they may also have other lines, too.

express net

in my opinion, this schedule is the best, especially if you commute because you only go to work one time a month.
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World is typically 12-18 days off with the rest of the month on. Averages out to about 2 on 2 off.
I'm pretty sure we are still hiring.

MD-11's are big a$$ MDs, do those count?
Most of the Alaska 135 bush operators run some sort of 2on/off schedule.
Some of these are:
Grant Aviation
Arctic circle air
Frontier Flying Service

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