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Legacy airlines

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Jul 27, 2002
Can anyone tell me about Legacy Airlines. Has it started operation yet? It is based close to home and I would like to learn a little more about them.
Ack. Pretty website, no funding, no DOT certification, lousy business plan, no future. I could be wrong, but this just smells like a guy with no sense playing with nice toys. Avoid even thinking about throwing your lot in at this stage, especially if it turns out they want money from you.

So this is a PFT outfit? Wow! I'd say the definition of an optimist is a guy who gives money to an operation with no planes, no certificates, etc. so he can have a JOB!

Where was Legacy suppossed to operate?
Nah, not PFT, AFAIK. A lot of marginal carriers have started by requiring newhires to front money for stock or other "investment instruments". And then lost their shirts. It's just a warning, not specific to Legacy. Legacy had grand plans to operate international heavies, domestic medium haul service, and statewide RJ's out of.... Syracuse. Well, it could still happen.... ahem.

P.S. I'm flying a trip this week with Eagleflip. Who woulda thunk it?

Perchance I can grab a BTV overnight or an FLL trip in the next few months and have the chance to have a frothy beverage and catch up.

I know a couple more world class guys headed your way in the next few months...good pilots but even better people. You'll have a good time breaking them in as FOs....

By the way...the OAK act by JetBlue looked good when I was out there last month. Hows the west coast expansion going?


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