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Leave Delta for Jetblue???

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semperfido said:
....those b***ards told me the same thing at OZ in 1986:smash:

fido--They were right. You were a captain within three years... Captain on a King Air. ;) TC

FWIW, I have helped a whole bunch of folks from majors who have gone on to JetBlue. They ranged from a current 12 year UAL Captain (really!) who quit to some Delta folks who were furloughed after being on the line only a few months.

I think most have decided that the upside of a better atmosphere at work and the potential for growth, coupled with the prospect of no chance of a recall for a loooong time made the jump worthwhile. However, leaving ANY organization and starting over is a significant emotional event.

One poster said try UPS or FDX. I'm helped folks from majors at both. You give up family passes and (if important to you) walking through terminals and dealing with the public. You get the most stable job in the industry, albeit with some tough flying if you are junior. Commuting to either of those from ATL would be easy.

My gut says JB is a great place to work--but you are on the line (not f-lo'd) at a company where there is a chaotic number of retirements and a rapidly changing structure. I dont' know if you'll get shown the door, but if you look at your paycheck AFTER the lastest givebacks and compare them to starting over at JB on the RJ, you still might be better off staying. Compare your healthcare, etc to the United Healthcare at JB and see what works best for you. Then factor in commuting stress.... If jumping still makes sense--press on and good luck. If the math doesn't work but you really want to leave, I personally think Airtran should be in your crosscheck--if they'll have you. I don't know if/how many ex-Delta they've hired. FDX has taken several guys like you, however, so perhaps you could network in that direction.

War Eagle and good luck in any case.

What kind of response is that?
If you're going to use all that level headed thought and common sense in answering fellow posters, you'll ruin all the nasty flame baiting to follow.
Then what; cats and dogs living together; I shudder to think.
Semantics. Compare what you make NOW make at DAL and after the next cuts to what you would make on the (whatever you want to call it) E190 at JB. Then do the math...
AlbieF15 said:
Semantics. Compare what you make NOW make at DAL and after the next cuts to what you would make on the (whatever you want to call it) E190 at JB. Then do the math...

just wondering how long will an upgrade take at delta now that their was a whole bunch of retirements. how long to hold 777 FO? will 777 FO or 767 FO pay more than a B6 capt after the cuts? B6 320 CA takes how long if hired today?
I would also factor in the ability of DALPA getting back the wage concessions in the future with a collective contract vs. individual contracts. . .
You can come over and then leave after 2 years if things turn around at DAL. From talking to friends at both places, I don't think you will go back.
BTW, this is one bad "RJ". The HUD is nice. Don't hate because is only 100 seats. Check out the length. War Eagle!
semperfido said:
HUDs are overated:)

No, they're not. I get out of my weekend ride, and hate not having it in the billpayer airplane!

That mean machine you fly should have spoiled you by now, expecially with EVS! Wish I could boresight the TGP on my weekend ride and display it on the HUD like family model Eagle drivers can.

Wishful thinking.

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