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Leave Delta for Jetblue???

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Apr 11, 2004
pulled the post because the thread was going to end up as a pissing contest and not constructive thoughts
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I am in the same boat that you are in. I have about 200 below me at Delta and am worried about being furloughed again! I would wait to see if we do in fact get furloughed. If we do then go to Jet Blue, you do not have to give up your # at Delta and you could alway go back if Delta turns things around. It is all about options.
Has JetBlue made the offer? If not it takes about 1 /12 to 2 years before the call. Then there is that little thing called an interview.
Jet Blue baby!!!!! Don't look back run!!!! Is your name Mark?
2auburn said:
Just looking for any thoughts about leaving Delta with a little less than 6 years invested, 33 years old, furloughed for 2 years, recalled in 2004, have about 300 behind me now, live local, $98/hour (soon to be reduced), chance of being re-furloughed, etc.

Go to Jetblue and start over for the peanut wages (I know they get better), no contract, commute to JFK, 5 year contract, chance to be on the front of the hiring wave, new airplanes, young workforce, etc.

Not trying to start a fight just looking for constructive thoughts.


Why don't you try UPS or FedEx?
Because JetBlue is really a great place to work.
Please, only choose to work here if you really want to.
DL vs B6

Even if you are undecided right now put all your info in on the B6 site and get that ball rolling. When/if you get the interview and job offer (at least a year down the line) you can make your decision then. You'll know a lot more about Delta & Jet Blue situation by then.

Good Luck

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