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Lear 45 or 60?

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Active member
Jan 20, 2006
I've been approved for WIA funds for a type rating in the Lear, which model should I type in? Was thinking the 45 or 60. I don't know which ones cover which so any help would be greatful before I call and make the choice.
If you are thinking bout doing contract work get the LR-jet type or CE-500 type. These type ratings cover a lot more aircraft than the 45 or 60 which only do one acft. Don't know exactly how many the Citation covers, but the LR-Jet type covers (25,31,35,55, and a few more that aren't really around).
I have heard that being talked about on here, how do you apply for that?
Hey AV8TR70,
which state are you getting WIA funds from. I've tried getting funds from the state of Arizona. They've told me no funds available for pilots. Do you have to live in the state you are receiving the funds from?
It has to be the state you live in for the funds. Then on top of that the state makes you jump many loops. FL is my state, some parts of FL will help out some won't. I heard South Florida will only give out 4K and some parts giving nothing.
The 45 is a good type rating and there seems to be lots of them in service. I don't know if there are more 60s or 45s in service, I just had good luck in the past. Good luck!

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