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Lear 45 Information


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Feb 19, 2002
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Wondering if someone could shed the pro's and con's of the 45.
Range, payload, apu?, etc...



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Dec 3, 2001
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Lear 45

Heard this from an operator recently-

Climbs like a bat out of h**ll

Some early systems problems that were ironed out in time, such as taxiing out and having to "reboot"

I'll bet the Flexjet folks know the real skinny. Chime in.

Pilot's Wife

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Jan 3, 2002
climbs fairly well (slow compared to other learjets), but you can keep .81m all the way to its ceiling (51K). It is VERY temperature sensitive. Anything over ISA really kills performance. Sea level to 410 usually takes about 25 Min.

Dispatch reliability has improved immensely over the past couple years, but still has a few computer-related glitches that usually require a re-boot of the specific system (pull and reset circuit-breaker).

Get an APU!!! Having to ALWAYS rely on a ground power unit makes for longer days. You can't power the cabin stuff at all unless you have either ground power or a generator on line. Not a HUGE deal except you can't even eject the CD's from the player without power. The batteries barely have enough power to do a set-up followed by an engine start. Usually when there is no GPU available it's best to start one for a few minutes to make sure you have the power to start at departure time. Right now there is a problem with the Aux. heat and it is decommissioned until further notice. Wouldn't be a problem with APU's.

All in all though it is a good bird. Avionics are great! Hope this helps!