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Lear 35

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Wannabe Jet Jockey
Apr 28, 2002
Mr. Falcon Driver,
I am excited to report to this forum that Corporate Aviation is alive and well. Fortunately for me, I work for an FBO in town and had the opportunity to meet the gentleman who owned a Lear 24 and a 35. He signed the 35 up with "EBiz" (?) and now it is flying 80 - 100 hrs. per month. I had parked them one night and mentioned that I was interested in getting some advice for a 1000 CFI on building turbine time. He asked if I had my Comm multi inst. and proceeded to offer me a job flying SIC. He did say that he would have to send me to simuflite for the SIC cert. and that would cost him. :D I eagerly agreed and found myself 2 days later in a flight test in the 24. WOW!! Pardon me, but that blew my mind.
So, what do you think I can expect, with my LOW time and all, for a starting salary? The cheif pilot told me last Thurs. that he would give me a job offer shortly, and that I would be going to school next month.
By the way, thanks for this site. I am a big fan.


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