Lear 31A F/O Needed

Uncle Sparky

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Sep 12, 2004
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Storm Chaser said:
Well just to set the record straight there Spark.....69 K is almost 70k plus my company paid for all my transportation, provided me with a cell phone that I could call international and they footed the bill. Granted it was a company based in the states and that is why I had to pay taxes, but then again if you added in my private driver and cell phone...I would think that adds up to just about 70k if not more (TO FLY A CESSNA 340). Oh yeah....no contract either.

I dont want to waste my time and get into a argument here. I just think your requirments are a little high for what you have to do and where you have to do it.
Hey, if you're a little bit older and have "been down that road before", then that's fine. That's one of the reasons that we're looking for a younger guy. If somebody has a pretty good amount of total time but not enough to upgrade, then it might fit their needs for making some quick cash.

I can sit here and add up all the little perks as well; They give every company executive ("executives" also includes us nosepickin' pilots) a lap-top the first day we step in the door. We also get "the phone deal." We also get perdiem (I just spent three nights in Nice,FR at $167/day). There's also an annual bonus.
The bottom line is; you can sit there and believe everything that you watch on CNN or FOX, or you can "take a chance", make some quick cash and just call it quits when you've had enough.
Contrary to what the US news might have you believe, the "entire Middle East" isn't in a state of chaos. On that same note, how often do you hear of terrorist acts being committed in Kuwait?


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Sep 20, 2002
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I did the Kuwait thing for a wealthy family back in the early 90's after the first Gulf war. It's not bad, their is an underground network of ex-pats that make it fun. Their are plently of woman from eastern Europe or from Egypt, Jordan, yada yada. None of whom interest the locals, all very interested in Americans. If you are married, forget it.

My deal was cash. I also had them give me a company Amex(they actually offered). They paid for the hotel, at the time the SAS and the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza were the two places that they had to keep me at, both very nice. They also paid for meals and dry cleaning.

I would think twice about any job that requires me getting my own place to live.


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Jan 17, 2004
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No friggin beer!!! That's worth 20K.....