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Lear 31a...Bugs!!

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Uncle Sparky

Beano Tester
Sep 12, 2004
Alright......this is a "six pack" argument between me and the D/O.

On the Lear 31a, for takeoff, where should the Green(Ref reminder) and Orange airspeed bugs be positioned (and I'm going to need a reference to win.....or lose....this argument)?
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Never before have been in a Lear 31...but if I had to guess I'd set them at V1 (green) and initial climb speed (orange)

Glad I could be of no service :)
It is pilot preference on where you put them. I personally place the orange on V1 and the Green on V2. I know some guys but the green on V2 and the orange on Vfs.
Bugging V2 is a technique. The idea being if you should lose an engine on takeoff you can initially pitch for the biggest, easiest bug to see.

Once the aircraft is under control and climbing, the pilot flying may command "indicated airspeed" to bring the flight director into view. The flight director will lock onto the present airspeed. The flying pilot may then elect to toggle back to V2 which would provide a little bit more accurate flight guidance if performance is an issue.

Good luck with your bet! Let us know what you find out!
Orange on V1 and the green on V2... With this arrangement Vr will be at the top of the green bug...

On landing green on V(ref) and orange on A(app)
The green bug is the speed that is referred on the ADI's left side Fast - Slow scale. This bug should be set to V2 on takeoff to simplify your scan in the event of an engine failure. The Approach Climb speed (Vref +6) should be marked with the green bug during landing for the same reason. The orange bug should be set at V1 on the PNF's side and VFS on the PF side. This method allows every critical airspeed to be bugged during takeoff. On landing put the orange bug on Vref - if you get below the orange bug (which is 50% red) you have a problem.

I don't understand why people put the green bug on Vref - does anyone here routinely fly at Vref on final? Maybe now and then if the runway numbers are tight?
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Where you bug the speeds is up to you. I do not think that you will find anywhere that you can reference for the argument. Personally, I bug V1 with the green bug and V2 with the orange. If you bug V2 with the orange the front edge will be on Vr.
Hope this helps.
What is this "Setting of Bugs" that you speak of?

Glass rules. They don't call it the Sports Bar for nothin'.
I don't know the answer, but I would guess that if Learjet publishes a version of the "Gold Book" for the 31, it will have a recommendation which you could then use as a reference.

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