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latest letter from Flight Options management

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Tommy Boy

Well-known member
Feb 25, 2005
December 9, 2005

To all Pilots, Flight Attendants, and Flight Operations team members

First, Sanjay Aggarwal our VP of Operations and Planning, Jerry Bemis our VP of Maintenance, and I would like to share with you a number of positive changes that have taken place over the last couple of weeks. Then I want to look at what’s likely to happen in the near-term. Lastly, allow me to make a couple of observations.


There is an unprecedented feeling of cooperation among Operations, Maintenance, and Flight Operations. We are meeting together daily to identify problems, resolve conflicts, and promote better understanding of our team’s mission. The leaders of each department have been charged with instilling a culture that crewmembers in the field are the “Point of Service.” It’s our joint responsibility to trust and respect pilots’ concerns.

Here are just a few of the changes:


  • Tail specific dispatch is complete on all 4 rows. When you call you will be prompted to enter your tail number. Your call will be routed to a specific dispatcher assigned to that aircraft.
  • You now have the ability to provide feedback regarding your hotel accommodations via a “Crew Comment” section on the pilot website. A rating system allows you to evaluate properties based on a pre-determined set of criteria. The information you submit will assist the Logistics team in identifying hotels that may not meet our standards. Your critique will allow us to reconcile issues or choose a new preferred property if those issues cannot be resolved. We encourage you to use this tool to convey your valuable feedback. After logging on to the website, find ‘Hotel Rating New!’ link on the bottom left corner. The following pages are self explanatory. If you do not have a login for the pilot’s website, please use your username and password as ‘admin’.The link is http://pilots.flightoptions.com/.
  • The OCC now has the capability of recording phone calls. The purpose of the recordings is to ensure we maintain professionalism and that we conduct quality, accurate, and meaningful communication. We’ve recorded Owner Services calls for years as a helpful tool to coach, counsel, and monitor effectiveness.
  • Starting last Friday OCC personnel are attending a training program similar to the companywide Service Initiative that will further enhance their service skills.
  • IT has set up a method for accessing Flight Options email without the use of the VPN. This means you can access your email from any computer that connects to the Internet. Here are the instructions:
1. Navigate to the web link, https://dashboard.flightoptions.com/
2. Save the location in your "Favorites" folder in Internet Explorer
3. On the login screen, enter the user name and password you use when you first log on to a computer at Flight Options.
4. After you log in you will see the Flight Options Dashboard website.
5. Look for the link, Web Mail, to get to your email.

If you have used the e-mail link on the internal web site then you are already familiar with what you will see from your home computer. In the event you experience problems, please submit a help desk ticket.


  • There’s a new process when handling calls received on the “Red Phone” in the OCC. When a pilot calls, the MDM on duty will determine the fleet type and ask the pilot to standby while a Check Airman on the Row can join the conference. The issue will be identified and the problem will be worked by everyone as a team.
  • You can direct specific questions to senior maintenance on the pilots’ website. Jerry Bemis introduced himself this week in his letter posted on the Aircraft Maintenance forum. Either Jerry, Todd Hattaway our Director of Maintenance, or one of their direct reports will respond to your concerns. It’s an opportunity to share your issues about MELs, lavs out of service, autopilot inop flights, dispatch reliability, you name it.

Here’s part of our weekly corporate message: In November, we saw our 10th consecutive month of year-over-year improvement in the occupied rate and we set an all-time record for the Company. Dispatch availability of the fleet recorded its 4th consecutive month above 68% which is an increase of 10 aircraft better than last year. Our owner satisfaction rating was above 96% for the 6th consecutive month. On-time performance was slightly better than last year which marks our 5th consecutive month of improvement. Our strong upward trend continued as we set records in our occupied rate and dispatch availability while keeping the same on-time performance as last year. As you may know, the fourth quarter is the busiest time of the year for sales. Right now, we have more than 10,000 hours out in proposals. This is a phenomenal opportunity for us and signifies marketplace acceptance of our Go-Forward strategy and Future Fleet aircraft. We sold a record 5,300 hours last December. We are poised to break that record this month.

In Flight Operations a number of initiatives are being actively pursued. Each has only one goal: to provide the quality of life improvements we all deserve while remaining committed to our Go-Forward business plan. Specifically, we are working to find a balance of competitive compensation, a more reasonable domicile policy, productive scheduling, and responsible benefits that still allows the Company to have a sustainable business model.

For years we’ve prided ourselves as being among the highest paid, most professional crewmembers in the fractional industry. Our Owners continue to tell everyone Flight Options pilots are the best. Yet recent NetJets and Citation Shares pay changes caught up and in many cases exceed our current pay rates. Word on the street is FlexJets remains undecided how to react. Some Wall Street analysts can’t figure out how the fractional business model that’s been unprofitable to date can take on additional debt.

It’s been said that all boats rise on the incoming tide. It’s essential to keep pace with our competition but we simply must remain true to our business plan that provides security and sustainability for all of us. I’m eager to see the results of our team efforts. We hope to have everything firmed up in the next few weeks.


It’s been an interesting two weeks since I wrote to you the day before Thanksgiving. I’ve grown to appreciate the depth of experience, professionalism, and passion of our crewmembers. There has been lots of change at Flight Options over the years: companies have been bought and sold, promises have been made, and management teams have come and gone. One thing remains constant: You.

You have a lot invested in Flight Options so you should have a say about where we’re going and how we’re going to get there. And you do. I’ve welcomed your calls, letters, e-mails, faxes, and drop-in visits. I’ve heard you “5 by 5” over the past six weeks. Every single improvement that we are working on has come from one of you.

We also hear about acting responsibly. You want management to be held accountable. On the other hand you are concerned when others act irresponsibly. It's sad there are those among us who insist on twisting the truth. You are outraged at those who spread distortions. Misinformation loves a vacuum. It seems we need to communicate even more. So we will.

In the meantime, stay in contact with your Program Managers and Assistant Program Managers. They need to know when you have unresolved problems. Here is their contact information:

Best wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Warmest regards,

Bob Tyler
Vice President, Flight Operations
Now that we’re joining together, here’s what we can expect to hear from management...

When workers form a union, they gain a voice in decisions that affect their jobs, their future and their families. Unfortunately, management doesn’t always like the idea of sharing the decision making with employees. So management’s first reaction may be to make a lot of misleading statements to try to convince you not to join together.

Knowing what to expect from management will help you stay focused on your real goal—winning a voice on the job and a say in your future.

Management: “The improvements we’re willing to make right now show that you don’t need a union.”

Fact: It’s great that management is responding to your concerns. It shows that when you join together, your voices are heard. By forming a union, you can make sure this progress is not just short term—you’ll build an ongoing dialogue with management on all your issues. You'll also have peace of mind with a union—since the improvements you agree on will be guaranteed in your union contract.

Keep in mind that it’s normal for some tension to arise when workers start to build a union. But the tension is temporary. After you vote to form a union, management gets used to the idea of you having a voice on the job.

No matter what management says, stay focused on your shared goals—to make your workplace the best possible place to work.
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ahhhh and so the letters start. We can show you guys the same thing...

We're doing all this hard work for you... but we still can't pay you.

There is a select 5 percent out there ruining it for 95 percent of you... (that was my favorite)

We are holding people accountable.... of course in the end we'll just blame you.

I think the companies just copy and paste from each other.

By the way isn't Tyler a scab?

Yes he is. Only he doesn't feel it counts because he was a management pilot.

I say whatever lets you get to sleep at night.

He crossed at EAL......

Bob Tyler
Vice President, Flight Operations

Along the way, I’ve been a flight instructor,
simulator instructor, flight test pilot, union member (ALPA), flight department manager, and CRM

Hmm...... touts his ALPA membership. He must have huge Gonads........
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I thought for sure I would have seen Gary Hart's or Bill Moisture's signature at the end of that letter.

Same crap, different company. Stop reading the company BS. Look for the FUD in the upcoming months. Oh and expect your own personal "family guy" in the near future.
yeah i'm really waiting for your own "familyguy" or njadispatcher to come on here and tell us how you guys are overpaid and should just be happy for a job.

Of course it looks like Nerdpilot might be the new familyguy.

We've got letters and letters that look like that one. Next they are going to make you think they are taking away something and then at the last second they are going to keep it because it's good for the "crews".

Bunch of frigging BS
Gee Bob, thanks for such an inspirational letter... It sounds like the pilots are being told that their continued employment or hard work is not valued enough to bring them in line with their peers. There is basically a green light saying, "Go ahead and seek employment elsewhere where your services are actually respected." Do they think this signal will lead to a decrease in pilot attrition? Just watch the better and more-qualified (i.e., those who have the experience and time to find better jobs) depart at the next opportunity... All of that expensive flight and passenger-contact training and "team-building" wasted as they depart.

Citationshares did the right thing. They immediately addressed NJA's higher compensation by sending a message (through an enhanced compensation package) to its pilot group saying "we respect your hard work and we want you to stay." It was also a confidence boosting move.

I feel sorry for the FLOPS pilots out there. Clearly they have been through a lot of anxiety and hardship (much like their NJA brothers before the new TA) lately due to management changes and consistently mixed messages. This is the last thing they need as they head into the holidays.

There should be a QUID PRO QUO in this situation - in return for your hard work and efforts to ensure the highest quality for owners, YOU SHOULD BE PAID COMMENSURATE WITH YOUR PEERS AT THE VERY LEAST...

Why should a FLOPS pilot consider staying if there are better career opportunities elsewhere where pilots are actually respected? This letter was not encouraging at all... Instead, it was a very clear signal - keeping your pay in line with your peers is a VERY LOW PRIORITY...
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Actually i think FLOPS is doing the right thing. By establishing open and honest comunications that they are working hard and just need more time.... so they can get through the holiday season..... then another letter of we're working hard for you but there is still no money please just stick with us we're working on it...... delay union drives for another couple of months..... then another letter saying we appreciate all the hard work, we've moved people around but still can't find the money.... this tactic will get them through the next 8 months. stall stall stall address it but cover it with BS. also get some company shills on the message board to spread fear and doubt

That is until they finally piss off the last loyal pilots who will start to question these letters.
Fozzy said:
I thought for sure I would have seen Gary Hart's or Bill Moisture's signature at the end of that letter.

Same crap, different company. Stop reading the company BS. Look for the FUD in the upcoming months. Oh and expect your own personal "family guy" in the near future.

And a dispatcher and a "line Pilot" and a friend of a line pilot and his wife and........

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