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Dec 1, 2001
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A key subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee met Wednesday and approved TSA authorization legislation, which addresses a number of issues of interest to airports, including airport biometrics and GA security.

The measure - H.R. 2200 - does not address airport employee screening or other controversial issues such as TSA worker collective bargaining rights.

The bill encourages industry participation in guiding TSA policies and priorities and proposes to create an "Aviation Security Advisory Committee" with airport participation to advise TSA on aviation security issues.

During consideration of the bill, the subcommittee adopted amendments pertaining to reimbursement to airports for in-line EDS installation, the Registered Traveler program, and the certified cargo screening program.

Lawmakers spent a great deal of time discussing the proposed GA Large Aircraft Security Program and pledged to hold a hearing on the LASP and GA security in the near future.
AAAE legislative and regulatory members may view the full hearing report online at

Is anyone with AAAE? I would love to read the committee transcript.

edit: I found this while looking for the above transcript. It is a letter from the Chairmen of the Committe on Homeland Security asking TSA to rethink the LASP.
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