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Labor is being slowly killed

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Active member
Jan 30, 2002
UPS pilots must continue mediation

Robert P. Mark
Today’s Wall Street Journal says the National Mediation Board declined to end federally supervised contract negotiations between United Parcel Service Inc. and its pilots union, effectively blocking any possible labor disruption for at least several more months. The decision weakens the position of the Independent Pilots Association, which represents 2,500 pilots at UPS.

With the decision yesterday, the contract talks will remain in recess until a federal mediator schedules another round of bargaining in 2006.
Uh OH! Where is FreightNazi ie. Rhoid?? I guess Custom Air Transport and Express.net will continue to handle UPS freight in DAY. I can't believe that FreightNazi has nothing to say about this!
If I were one of the origanal UPS pilots flying for ryan or Orion who were told to stick around and then denied a position later, I wouldn't have any compunction about driving UPS planes today. That's why labor is dying. Should a former Braniff pilot have any problems with flying a south American route for American, or a former Frontier pilot crossing a UAL picket line?
If you voted for de-regulation of the industry, you deserve to be scabbed.
maru--You might as well be speaking Farsi to many on this board... ;) TC
AA717driver said:
maru--You might as well be speaking Farsi to many on this board... ;) TC

He may be speaking Farsi to a few, but there are plenty of us who know what he's talking about.
BoomLrd--You haven't any idea what you are talking about.

This simply delays the inevitable and the denial was not unexpected. It simply shouws the resolve of the IPA to press this issue. When the IPA requests again after the next round of failed negotiations it will just put that much more pressure on the NMB.
Rez O. Lewshun said:
Is it Bush's fault?

No. The release was denied, as it should have been, because UPS made progress during the talks. They improved their offers. The release will only come when there is a stalemate. Of course UPS knows this and is slow-rolling. An industry leading contract does not come easy, but as long as we keep making 1 billion per quarter we will get the 40% raise we deserve.

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