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Kuai Hawai'i

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Live to fly; fly to live
Sep 14, 2004
Anyone have good info on Kuai Hawai'i? I'm looking for info on sights, not hotels or places to stay.
The kayak rentals up the river is pretty cool. Also took a helo tour, but got a hell of a discount. Don't remember how expensive it was.

Barking Sands has Beach cottages for rent to Military. Real Good rates.
Kaua'i (actually)

Just got back from my best friend's wedding there last week. Incredible place to visit. Also did the helicopter ride ($209.00/person) with the company that has the rainbow paint scheme on them. You can get the heli ride at a deep discount (around $149.00/person) if you sit thru a 1-2 hour timeshare meeting.

The absolute fushizzle is to do an early breakfast (before 9am) on the north coast of the island at the Princeville Resort (a Starwood/Sheraton property). It's one of the nicest places on the island, but the $26/person breakfast buffet is awesome when sitting by the infinity pools overlooking the surfers on the ocean.

Also did snorkeling (again on the north side) at the "tunnels".

If you're a bike rider, you can rent a Harley at one of two rental places.

We rented kayaks and paddled the Wailua River for about two miles, then hiked about a mile into an area that has the "secret" falls. My wife and I swam under the falls (the water was about 5' deep with a 120' waterfall).

Hope you're not an airport bum, 'cause you'll be disappointed. Not a lot of GA going on other than at the Lihue Airport (and that's not a lot, either).

Hope this helps,
Happy New Year,

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