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KOPF Anyone interested in flying right seat in a Phenom 100?

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Sorry. But I am just trying to help low time guys.
We are looking for pilots interested in building time. The Phenom 100 is single pilot rated and the owner is not interested in hiring an FO.
Ohhh I know... I know...

The customer pays extra for the second pilot who doesn't know his butt from his elbow in a turbine. Looks great to the pax but adds nothing for safety.
BTW, I would venture to guess that there must be plenty of low time guys hanging around the field who want that seat warming spot.
Everyone starts somewhere.

What column in the log book do you put that time in?

Come on. If someone can pay the monthly payment on the jet, they can pay someone to talk on the radio atleast 2000 a month.

Dont be a duesh. Did I spell that right?
So, for the opportunity, do I get to do the Jepps, straighten out the cabin, pay for my hotel room, lunch and dinner, wash and wax?

Anybody with a commercial ticket would need to brush up on those skills, for sure.


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