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Koch Industries (KICT)

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LaGarbage Man

Well-known member
Mar 16, 2006
Has anyone been through the interview process recently and is willing to share the details? I am lucky enough to be starting the process and trying to take the edge off by over preparing. If there is such a thing.
PM or open post would be greatly appreciated.
I take it this is a 91 corporate gig? (Maybe on a 135 cert?)

If it is, know the applicable regs, as well as the usual fluff and buff. But also learn as much about the actual company as you can.

As a Corp Pilot, yes your primary job will be just that. But you will also be an Ambassador for the company as well. Lots of times the first person a potential high dollar client will see is the pilots for that same company who have been dispatched to pick them up.

A courtesy lots of companies do for folks who are about to give them (spend) millions of dollars.

Being able to answer questions about the company itself is a plus and always put a person high on the second interview list when I was doing initial interviews, back in the day.
Thanks for the reply TMMT. You are correct it is a aprox. 10 aircraft corporate operation. I have been studying as much as I can on the company. Getting into Corp. history, Core values and mission statements, present day Corp. leadership, who and what they own etc. Can not do a whole lot with regard to financials as they are privately held but I am reasonably sure they are not going anywhere. I am trying to find out what I can with regard to the actual interview process. How many steps to the process, total time from start to finish, location of different steps and so on.
Honestly in the corporate side of the house it varies wildly. Hopefully you can contact someone who has the inside on this particular FD.

But in place of that, just go in there like you are interviewing for the CEO's position, confident but not cocky, well studied and prepared and with an open mind.

Airline interviews seem to have a certain expected flow to them, not all the same mind you but a predictable flow nonetheless.

In my aviation past (All corporate or business based charter) I've seen places where the interview and hiring process was over two years long and I've worked for one where I was interviewed over a lunch, put in a sim two hours later and hired the next day.

With a department the size of this one I'd guess the process will be a bit involved with several sit downs, HR, panel interview and a CP interview... might even have to go and introduce yourself to the real money of the company. Board of Directors or partial BOD meet-and-greet interviews are not too uncommon for department where Pilots are all considered management level employees.

The usual stuff will follow, medical, BI Records check etc...

Dress for the part, invest in a good suit, have it tailored to fit and a pair of shoes to match.

I glad to hear of movement within the industry, so many places closing up shop and selling of equipment nowadays.
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i dont know anything about the interview process but i do know a pilot there and he says he really likes it there fwiw. Good luck
Read Koch's book. I forget the title, but Amazon search it. Boring, but gives you an insight into the attention to detail at the top. I can only imagine that trickles down. Good luck!!!
I know some pilots who work for them in Atlanta. The current management is an improvement over what was there before they bought Georgia-Pacific. The pay is a lot lower than under GP because they do not pay the big bonus money that GP did.
trivial info: one of the brothers is dating if not married to the girl that had kevin costners baby in ase. she is a rooney of the pittsburgh/ steelers clan.

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