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Kitty Hawk....

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Kitty has has been recalling furloughed people, no chance of hiring anytime soon. It looks like Kitty Hawk may come out of bankruptcy soon and there is talk of expansion.

Moral is very low among the pilot group. people are there to have a job, ever since bamruptcy, managment has tried to take any cuts out of the pilot group.
Have ever had the time when your gut was saying something was wrong? I remember interviewing and getting a class date back in 2000 with Kitty Hawk. I was told that I would be going into the DC-9. A week before I started they changed my assignment. A Capt. who is furloughed there called me. I am glad my gut spoke up. I see the jets in CLT and ATL all the time. Are they still flying?

Terry V.
Kitty Hawk

The planes are still flying, though not as many as you would have seen. Had you chosen to work for Kitty Hawk, you would have been furloughed, probably last summer and you might have been recalled a few months from now.

You may have even made it to FO, though it would be more likely that you would have remained an FE until you were furloughed. Sometimes you pick winners, and sometimes loosers. Who knows what is the best choice until after it has happened?
Yes Kitty Hawk is still flying. They operate a brand new hub (three years old) in Fort Wayne. They operate 18 727's each night through Fort Wayne and have trucking service to many of the "local" cities....ORD for example. Kitty Hawk used the DC-9's for on demand charter and did not form part of the hub based system hence the reason they were dropped. At it's peek Kitty Hawk operated 45 727's.
They should be out of Chptr 11 by the end of the month.

(THis in information that came to me after my orgnl posting)
After laying off two thirds of its pilots and then sticking horrendous pay and schedule to the remainning third, I say:

God Bless You for remaining there!

(Except of course to the SCABS and other rejects with DUIs and Violations)

For the rest of the good people who have decided to stay there (for God knows why) who believe that KHA is going to be the next FedEx, keep dreaming. I hate to burst your bubble, but what the hell are you thinking? You can scream as loud as you want on how the new (sic) FWA operation is really doing well, but hey, I got a bridge to sell you.

Jump on the bandwagon, albeit really late, and go to Executive Jet!
18 were recalled in August. 12 more to be recalled in September.
Kitty Hawk emerged from Chptr 11 on 9/1.
The majority of those furloughed were furloughed in early 2001 when the postal contract was cancelled four years early and awarded to FedEx. These pilots appear to have found employment elsewhere and are doing fine. This means that the remaining junior people on furlough can expect to move up the recall list quickly (<6 months). Therefore kitty Hawk may be interviewing shortly.
Eastern Scabs on property=4....total pilot group = 200.....this means that 2% of the workforce are scabs....how many are at your company????
Ex-eastern pilots how did not cross the picket line and are now with Kitty Hawk....15. 5 from Pan Am......10 from Branniff.
I have a friend who works with Kitty Hawk...this is my source of info.

The name mentioned above has been deleted. Please do not post people's names even if you are certain of their "pedigree" as the owners of this board have no source of verification, nor is this forum the proper venue to be advertising such information.

Thank you.

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