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King Air C90GT ?

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750shp flat rated to 550 -35 engines. . I'm currently flying one that Beechcraft decided to do on the production line.

Picked up 47kts (no speed cowls) and took an anemic B-90 with a supercharger that couldn't get itself to FL180 on a good day and made FL250-260 our home now. Also we went with the long range fuel tank option.

6 hours of fuel.
Diesel said:
we went with the long range fuel tank option.
6 hours of fuel.

How much can you put in the cabin with full fuel?
I fly a C90A with the TRAD (Turbine Research and Development) conversion. It has the -35 engines and with the pitot cowls I see 260kts. Climbs very well in the even in the low 20's. If the torque limits and temps are the same as in the TRAD as they are in the c90GT, you will see that you have max torque till about FL190-FL210 depending on temps and such, after that N1 becomes your limiting factor. At approx FL200 and N1@101% your torque will be maxed out and temps will be at about 720 (max temps = ~805 C). Extra temp margin is great if you have to throw out the ice vanes or are departing hot and high. Good performer. Although, I just thought of one difference b/t the plane that I fly and the 90GT is I have 3 bladed props. Not sure how much diff that would make.

Blue Skies.
Ground effects, spoiler, stiffer main gear, maybe even some racing stripes too. Expect to pay more insurance from having a GT model though

We aren't flying a GT just a modded king air which is the basis for the GT. Raytheon saw that companies that were putting 750hp engines on these planes were cleaning up and figured they could do it themselves.

So the GT was born. Still there is quite a market for companies to convert older king air's and having raytheon designate a GT model just adds more credibility to mods. (mods sometimes don't have the best credibility)

Plus raytheon is fighting to make sure the VLJ market doesn't pass them by. The difference is somone buying a jet versus a king air are looking at two totally different missions.

We picked up 47kts. We don't have the speed cowls which pick up 20kts. They are pretty expensive though. 50k i think.
Did Raytheon just buy the rights to the Blackhawk -135 mod STC (which itself is based on an old Swearingen STC that he never marketed)?

Seems like that would save them some certification hassle and expense.
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