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Key Aviation

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It's actually Key Air.

They're a management company with a fleet of Hawkers, Gulfstreams, and (I think) a Lear of some flavor.

They also operate the airport and FBO, Keystone aviation.

I'd say, as a generalization, they're typical of small management companies...maybe a slight cut above in some ways.

If you're looking for more specifics, like salary and such, I'm a little out of touch to offer that with any accuracy.
saltyworks said:
Any info on Key Aviation in Oxford CT. I have a posible job lead but I do not know alot about them?

Key Air is a slightly below average 135/91 company. I have had several friends fly for them. Their planes are tired, but their maintenance and operations are ok. Pay is average. They fly quite a bit of charter and you should expect to be gone alot.

If you're looking to get into a company and work your way up to the Gulfstreams, this would be a pretty good choice.

up to 10 posts? Really cranking them out. :)
It's the guy who, for very little extra money, gets all the phone calls. Both the good ones and bad ones. :D

BTW....I agree with some of your comments above. But Key Air's fleet ranges from some ahhh...venerable airplanes, like G-II s/n 50, to a G-450 , a couple of G-V's, and a couple of late s/n G-IV's.
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