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Just Starting Out

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Jan 10, 2002
I am just starting out on my private certificate. Is there a difference in using home DVD instruction versus ground school at a flight school? Do they both accomplish the same thing or should the DVD course be used as a compliment to ground school?
Thanks for the feedback!
I would use the DVD course to compliment regular ground school instruction... There is nothing better than one on one with a CFI when learning....
The ground instruction will be very helpful. I strongly recommend it.

You might consider using software instead of the DVDs although the DVDs might have interactive menus, quizzes, etc just like the software. I used the software from King schools for Cessna Pilot Centers for my instrument rating and they were good. You get all the video and a lot of quizzes, etc to help you learn the material.

It was good for me since I was in front of the computer many hours a day.

Whatever you do, don't skip ground school .. especially for the private.
Ground School

Wellllll, if I had it to do all over again, I'd have gone to a real ground school class. I believe that one learns more material and learns it better through a formal classroom setting. Somehow, just studying the books, memorizing the ASA or Gleim books, and watching John and Martha, is not the same as preparing for class, interacting with a teacher and class, taking notes, and, yes. doing homework. You need a real course with a syllabus and a live instructor to get the most out of your learning.

Private Pilot ground school is especially important because it lays the foundation for the rest of your formal aviation schooling. Nearly everything you learn after Private ground school builds on and depends upon that foundation. Thus, if the foundation is weak, chances are the rest of your aeronautical knowledge will also have weaknesses.

I'd look for a class. Chances are you won't need DVDs to supplement your course materials.
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Hey Boulder! I went to CU and learned to fly out there in Colorado, too bad about the Buffs this year.... I had the king DVD's for my private and actually thought they were pretty good. John and Martha go a little far with thier campy jokes but they do explain things in an easy to understand manner. As a supplement I think they are worth the hefty price, but I would still suggest a formal ground school and one on one with an instructor.
Also, if your FBO or school doesn't have regularly scheduled ground school or it doesn't start until half way into your PPL training, check your local community college. They offer it and you might even be able to use that credit at a four-year school one day.

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