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Just started working at an FBO...

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Mar 19, 2002
Have about 8 months to kill before I start UPT so I am working at an FBO now fueling planes. What a cool job!! I'm around planes all day out in the sun. If any of you guys are between jobs or anything I would reccomend checking if your local fbo needs anyone. Today I met Ross Perot as he flew in on his G3, and ate great food that was leftover off Xerox's Challenger. Really never thought it would be as cool a job as it is, so figured I would let you guys know there is other stuff out there if you're between flying jobs.
It's not what you know . . . .

Hey, Vandal, keep in mind these people you're meeting. Notwithstanding H. Ross, these folks may be valuable to you one day when you want that airline job.

Good luck with UPT.

Working as a Gas Dog was one of the best jobs I ever had. I could work 12 hours straight and not feel it, since I was hanging around airplanes all day and getting paid for it.

Of course, it helped being 20 at the time. I only wish I still had that metabolism.

Best of luck with UPT, my friend. Work hard and help each other during the course. You will find that the more you give, the more you get in return. Sounds naive, but it's the truth...been there, done that, still wearing the t-shirt.
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Leftovers from the large corporate jet rocks! When Charles Barkley flew into here (KFSD) all of us line people divided up the leftovers and ate for a week or so. My favorate were the chococolate covered strawberries and the ribs. Of course there was the cheese, fruit,chicken,.................
The half-day old doughnuts are the best at about noon after you've been pumping fuel since 6 am. Anything from Rudy's Inflight Catering is good, including half eaten ham sandwiches . The fruit and cheese trays are great for picking on throughout the day. We actually had a guy (a marine) who would go through the outside trash can when he saw a crew throwing away their catering....he's eaten things that would make your stomach turn.

Now that i'm on the other side of the counter, i ALWAYS make sure to give the line crew our leftovers. I've even talked the captain out of taking a whole box of untouched (a double bonus) beautiful danishes and muffins back to the hotel (we certainly didn't need them!) so the line guys could have them.

Good luck at UPT!! And enjoy the FBO job, it is a blast.
Working at an FBO for anyone, young or old, who is interested in a career in aviation, especially as a pilot, I would very much recommend. The connections you will make that will help you later down the road are much more valuable than the paycheck or anything else. I have been working at an FBO for about 3 months now and have made connections that Im sure will guarantee me a job with an airline later down the road. It is a great place to be, around airplanes and pilots all day!

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