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Just a Comair F/A..sorry

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Nov 26, 2005
I'm a flight attendant at Comair and all I do is get flack for the questions I ask. So what if they don't make sense, you think me ignorant or can't do math. As a matter of fact, I have to count on my fingers sometimes...I count every passenger on the 50/70/90 instead of counting empty seats. I suck at math. Always have, always will.

I'm not a pilot, I don't know half as much as you do. I've never been furloughed from an airline but I've been laid off from a job I loved and then came here only to be laid-off/furloughed again. But at least I made it 8 years.

If I don't get furloughed till 2012 I'll be here 10 years. If they offer voluntary/involuntary/buy-outs, I'll take it early if possible to save other flight attendants who want to keep their jobs. I suggested that the Company should offer part-time to half our flight attendants which would save money. Why can't the Company offer part-time to pilots to reduce costs? As of now, the Company doesn't think they will offer part-time again for f/as.

I post here because I can't find a flight attendant forum where Comair is discussed so much in depth. There's alot I don't understand as I have never been in this industry until 2002.

If you want to be mean to me on every single post I write, so be it. It pisses me off but you're not going to scare me away from asking questions.

And No, I don't want any cheese with this "whine" if that's what you think I'm doing.

Have a nice day and good luck to my Comair family.
Good for you Tiffany - Don't worry about the nay sayers. You have two types here - The ones that come for up to the minute industry info and the ones that have nothing better to do w/ their lives but come here to make themselves feel better by putting down others.

As for the airlines....You need to keep in mind that we (the employees) aren't here to move people from A to B but we are here solely to make the share holders $$. DAL owns Comair and they are losing $$ by operating the 50 seat RJ's. This a/c had its place years ago but it doesn't make sense any more.

The majors are also getting pressure from their own pilots in regards to Scope. Most of the pilots I talk to @ DAL would welcome RJ's , EMB-170+ etc....it's job protection.

The trend of commuters (which is what the regional airlines really are) is shrinking and in some cases going away. Also remember that for the most part the regionals are delivering pax for the majors to move long-haul.

Good luck to you and yours and I hope this works out for all of us. My suggestion to you is to get your applications in @ DAL & CAL. These will the the majors that will last. I think I saw you said your hubby got turned down by DAL, I have heard that they are taking a look again. It's worth the effort. Also have him network to the best of his ability.

Keep it real Tiffany - Baja.
Oh man, this ought to get real good. I'm going to go make me some popcorn and settle in.
Tiffany, don't sell yourself short with some of these losers behind a keyboard. Judging from your posts, it seems you are one to keep your head held high despite what anyone does/says to you. I, as probably many others here are privileged to fly with flight attendants like yourself...that kind of resilience is essential for the position.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to your questions...this industry is unpredictable and frankly, lousy. If you find you love it so much despite this (again, like many of us), apply to the likes of Delta and Continental as someone has mentioned - if you pursue this, I would suggest working as long as possible, since 'it is easier to get a job if you still have a job'.

As to employing part-time pilots, it is likely impossible for many reasons - for one, pilots would have to be allowed to fly elsewhere, and it would be difficult to coordinate schedules/FAR limits/currency.

Good luck, and keep the faith (and keep asking questions)....
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Yea right because men more know than women. This thread is so sexist. We all know that FI is different but this is taking it too far, Comair FA good luck with the job and you don't need to apologies to these looosers.

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