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Junior Man'd?

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It means that scheduling has called you on your day off to go fly. Traditionally, the company by contract has to call all reserve pilots and pilots who are off that are junior to you before they get to your number.

Also, the day off that you should have had is repaid at the end of the month. Usually, you get to choose one block of days off per month to protect. On these protected days, the company cannot junior man you.

Of course the best way to avoid the situation completely is not to answer or screen your phone calls on days off.
Junior Manning

It also depends on the company you work for and your current contract language that refer to "junior manning".

I am not too familiar with other airlines that have JM, but I do know that ACA has no type of junior manning. If they need pilots when they are out of reserves scheduling just starts calling pilots asking for volunteers. No one is required to fly.

My $.02
They call and as for volunteers...

Cappy... and that's when I usually start laughing my ass off...

"You're kidding, right?"

I have not, and probably will never, agreed to volunteer on a day off when they've called me or ACARSed me to ask if I'd do an extra overnight (especially with commuting), but some of my co-workers say it's kind of nice, cuz if you do pick something up for them and they are desparate, you can work your schedule (get other trips dropped and still paid for, etc) in ways they wouldn't otherwise do.

I find it is better to let them bribe me then if I don't get what I want I loudly chug a beer over the phone.
Good thing you can't hear it over ACARS.
At ASA we can be extended or junior manned. Both really suck if you are below 75 hours for the month. Getting extended is just luck of the draw. If you happen to be flying that day and you are scheduled to be done, but you have some time left on a legal duty day you will be told to "contact" scheduling when you call in range and nobody likes that call. We do get paid time and a half for the hours flown, but like I said if you are under 75 hours you get paid the "half" time above 75, not really worth it if you are an FO. It turns out to be about $17 per flight hour.

Getting drafted (junior manned) is the same deal when it comes to pay. The best way to stay away from it is to not answer your phone on your days off. They tried to get me yesterday, but when I saw the NO ID come across my caller ID I did not answer, they can't touch you if they don't talk to you. The only time they got me was when I dutied in for a two day trip. I was scheduled to be off for three days when I was done with it but they told me to call scheduling. I had two days taken away from me to fly to ISP sit for 18 hours and come home. A total of 5 hours and since I was in my first year it was a whole $50 bucks for two days off since we have no duty rigs. We are hoping to get some of this changed on the next contract since there is not a provision that they must call in reserves before they call you.
That Bites!

$50.00 for two days work? That really is unfair and quite impractical as well. Fortunately, we do not have JM at ACA. I know that during the last round of contract negociations and after 9-11, the company came to the MEC for JM'ing and it was a flat "No way!". I have discussed the issue only once with our leadership and it was a pretty short conversation. Once the term "junior manning" was mentioned, our MEC said "It won't happen hear, no how, no way!" before I could finish my sentence.

I do know that as a pilot group we value our days off and would be unwilling to allow junior manning at almost any price.

You can be extended, but it's 150% for the first two times and then 200% for subsequent times. Reserves get that as well above the 75 hour guarantee. I have only been extended twice in a year.


Sounds like a good idea to me! I know alot of guys at ASA are really concerned about quality of life in our next contract. The company surprised us all when they offered Comair plus 1% for the CRJ-700, and we still have to negotiate in September as well so they have to know we will ask for more.

In my humble opinion, I think the company is trying to make the scheudles here as bad a humanly possible in order to make sure we spend something for quality of life in the next contract. There is an all out "war" with Screw Scheduling at ASA where it seems they take great pleasure in making us stay at work as long as possible and get paid as little as possible. Most of the RJ lines are under 75 hours, I would say of the 203 lines, maybe 50 were over the 75 mark. With lots of nice (LOL) 4 day trips sitting in Des Moines for 18 hours with your thumb up your butt!

I know duty rigs and improved schedules cost them money too, but if they get us mad enough about quality of life maybe they figure we won't "shoot the moon" when it comes to better pay.

In an interesting side note, the company extended the FA's contract another year (with their approval) and gave them flight cancellation pay plus a raise. Guess they wanted to prepare of the upcoming battle with us!:D
I heard you guys at ASA don't have such a thing as ready reserves, and that is why they often extend you. Just wondering whose idea it was not to have ready reserves? Company, or did pilots push for not having it? While sittin' "ready" sucks, it sure beats being extended on a regular basis. Is your pilot group planning on pushing for having ready reserves in the next contract? Just wondering.

BTW, a bit off topic, that deal you guys have for getting paid more for underblock time is awesome. Would have liked to have seen some of that where I worked...
I'm surprised quality of life at ASA is not that good. I'm an Eagle furloughee and was hoping to get on at ASA whenever they start hiring again. Maybe the grass just looks greener over there? Eagle has all of the issues you mention. From what I hear from people still there, it is even worse than when I got furloughed.

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