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Jumpseat NWA,DAL

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Jul 10, 2003
Hey guys,

Yesterday i tried jumpseating out of NGO to DTW on an NWA colored 747 and was denied. My company is CASS but the gate agent said i had to list.

Heres the deal. I originally showed up at the gate(and in uniform) 4 hours prior to push and an agent told me to come back. I came back about an hour and 20 prior to push and the agent asked if i was listed and i said no. I have no way of listing since i dont have acess to the NWA-DAL employee website.

She told me I have to be there an hour and 30 minutes prior to push, yet she would not/could not list me for the flight for the next day after the flight left the gate.

I called 4 different numbers and even the NWA 800 number and they said i have to list at the gate which i am going to try and do today but this time more then 90 min prior to push, if i can. I was very polite to the agent from the get-go and did not make an attempt for the jumpseat in an aggresive manor yet i was treated like i was nobody.

Any suggestions?

By the way, if anyone ever gets stuck here, there is a hotel("Comfort Hotel") within 5 min or less walking distance once you leave the airport and is 8500 Yen,approx $85USD after a 10% airline employee discount.

There is a nice italian restaurant,(gotta love italian in Japan!) within 1-2 min walking distance and a store just past the restaurant. Hotel has an ocean view in some rooms. Not a bad unintentional overnight!
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Hey guys,

Im not trying to tick anyone off, but it seems as if there is some merger grief, disgruntled employees, etc... Maybe thats why ive been given a hard time?

Jumping on NWA Domestically and Internationally in the past has always been a breeze, even in Japan.

Anyone else having problems jumping on NWA/DAL? A coworker of mine has had problems recently too and was even called a liar in MSP in regards to being CASS.

Agents think offline pilot must be listed before showing up at the gate, and it is not possible for an offline pilot to list before showing up at the gate.

You must be listed in some manner 90 minutes prior to departure to be on the passenger list, so says the TSA.

Better luck with another agent, or at the ticket counter.
I am not sure if this would help, but did you try going to the main ticket counter ?
I thought that there were taxes that had to be paid, even if you are jumpseating. The gate agent might not have been able to list you because of the taxes owed.
Or he or she was just an azz.
Thanks for the reply and advise guys. I too agree the gate agents think we have to list, at least some of them. I will go to the tik counter today to pay the departure tax and from there i should be able to get a boarding pass.

Had they let me on that flight yesterday i could have avoided the dep tax. Hopefully its no more then $20. Ill post again right before or after i get out of here.

I should have sat at the gate yesterday 2 hours prior instead of hanging out in the wi-fi area. Lesson learned.
Well, im back at the departure area at Nagoya. I was able to get a standby boarding pass at the tik counter. The same gate agent that denied me last night was there and again asked me if i was listed.

My answer was no, i could not list and was told i have to just show up at the tik counter/gate to request the jumpseat and she was like "Oh really?" I thought to myself, someone does not know there job, not to be mean but its true.

Little ticked off because it costed me over $200 for someones mistake. Partly my fault too though for not being at the gate well ahead of time but i did show up at the gate 4 hours prior, but that was too early. I should have shown up the 2nd time 90-120 minutes prior.

Now its just a matter of there being a seat open and getting the Capts approval at this point. Cant wait to get stateside!

By the way, the departure tax here is about $30 USD.

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