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Jumpseat Attire for Delta, UAL, Frontier

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
Anyone know what the jumpseat attire requirements are for Delta, United, and Frontier? I have to get from DEN to SLC in a few days and am curious if I need to drag the monkey suit or will shirt/tie suffice. Thanks!

Delta's official policy now is to allow either a uniform or "business casual". Remember, though, not all gate agents and captains are aware of this fairly recent (last month or two) change. Be prepared if they tell you no to going out of uniform.
plus, if youre in uniform you get to go to the front of the line at screening, and can carry more than the two item limit.
I have made it out of uniform on USAir and Northwest lately but I still wear it when it isn't too inconvenient. It's nice to have our reciprocal agreements back !!!!!!!!

Dude, I travel a great deal on delta (almost every week) and my advise to you is just go in uniform. I have never seen a gate agent turn away a person for wearing a uniform. I have gotten on airplanes instead of someone else just for that reason. Who cares the uniform are just clothes like everything else. Good luck

Frontier has no problem with a nice shirt and slacks. Tie is optional. Check in with the gate agent, and any open seat in back is yours!
I'll disagree with you, you are like everyone else, one carry on and one personal bag, ie laptop, backpack, etc.

I commute on DAL every week. I even fly for Comair, so no bennies.

I have JS in Business casual, sport coat, etc, and we even get to ride in the cockpit, but the uniform is best for cutting in lines!
Working crewmembers are exempt from the one bag, one personal item rule. Now, as a jumpseater, do you qualify?? Kind of depends on who ask.

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