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Jumpeating on Fedex in boston

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Feb 3, 2002
New to the Boston base, and was wondering if anyone know how to get from the passenger terminals to the fedex facility? It is right next to the delta terminal, and looks like it should be simple, but I haven't seen any busses yet that say cargo areas on them.

Any help is appreciated. Fedex leaves at 10:22, and that really helps me to get home after a trip or big delays.
You can take one of the city buses, I can't remember which one, it's been a while. Walk down to Ground Transportation and ask one of the drivers how to get over there. They helped me out. The Boston FedEx group is great to jumpseaters.
In the past it was the bus to the Water Shuttle 55 or 77 or something like that. You catch the bus the same spot you catch the bus to the subway on the arrivals level. I would ask the first city bus driver you see as the last time I did it was about 5 years ago. UPS is also very good to jumpseaters in BOS.

good luck
It is the Water Shuttle #66 bus to FedEx. Go to Ground Transport/Shuttle Buses area (Blue signs). Tell the driver where you are trying to go, he will help you. BTW it is an airport shuttle bus, not a city bus...if you start asking for the city bus you will get very lost very quick.

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