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Jokes during flight training!

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Jan 13, 2002
One of you guys gave me idea about using jokes to aliviate tensions students have during their first few flights.
Can you guys share it with me. What I mean is to tell kind of jokes that reduce tensions or point to mistakes students make in a funny way, somethink like: instrument reflection of your white knuckles is making me blind.
Can't wait to hear from you!
Darius.www.arizonaflying.com :D :p :p
When students are flying wide patterns I say, " I like my women just like my patterns, nice and tight"

When students are pitching two much during the landing flare because they are nervous, I say "Come on, your not high school anymore, theres no need to be jerking it all the time."

Sorry to the folks out there that are offended by these two statements.
Well my flight instructor to me:
"That landing was an 8... on the ricther scale!."

A conversation between me and my flight instructor during the ground refrence mauvers lesson:
FI:"You make your turns pretty tight."

Me:"I like my turns like I like my women, tight and fast."

First thing he taught me:
"No pu$$y climbs, I want full throttle on the climbs."

Errr edited becaue it wanted to be a **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**.
I lifted this one from Beavis and Butthead. To be used when you turn the radio master(s) on and test your headset for the first time...

My favorite instructor flew one whole lesson talking like Carl Childers from "Slingblade." The tower guy started doing it too. I laughed so much I forgot that I hated pattern work. Forrest Gump was his other favorite.
Personally I like to wear my Bubba Teeth into the FBO and ask for a crew car. My captain on the KingAir doesn't think it's funny though. Oh well, he doesn't like the rubber chicken pitot cover on my 150 either.:D
Be careful using humor. It can be a great thing to loosen things up, or some students may think you're laughing at them. Definately be careful who you use the off-color humor with. With the right student, it could help make things fun and casual, with the wrong student it might result in a complaint to your boss.

Use your judgment.

Rubber chickens make the best pitot tube covers, they are big, they really don't go there, and if you attach a red remove before flight tag they are pretty hard to forget.

I agree with A squareds comment some people might take it too seriously, others might also think that flying is a joke and as such don't prepare as much as they would. One thing I think though that a flight instructor has to impart on his student that flying is fun, there are way too many people that get stressed out over orals, checkrides and other flying related stuff (I know someone that got stressed out over memorizing the checklists, even though it was only his third flight). Flying should be fun every hour in the sky should be fun.
I got this one student, whenever he call our ops. to ramp the plane in or out he talks like he's gay. not that there's anything wrong with being gay. i just can't stop laughing when he does it.

i got this other kid, a brand new primary student. the first lesson in our syllabus is a flight training device. so we go in there and there must be about 10 other FTD's and the place was packed. well i was going over the checklist with him and we got to the engine start and i told him before you start the engine you must yell "clear prop."

we then started going over the differant starting procedures and right before he turned the key i said make sure you say clear prop. believing his instructor of infinate wisdom the kid screams "clear prop" right in the middle of this crowded room. oh well, i thought it was kinda funny.

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