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Jobs in Alaska?

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Dec 28, 2001
Hello . I was wondering if somebody knows of companies in Alaska that might be hiring. Thanks for any info.
Actually Princess needs bus drivers ASAP!

We're full here at Skagway Air through at least June, but keep checking. Try a company in Bethel, they always seem to be hiring pilots out there. Not even sure who is out there anymore....Larry's Flying Service, Camai Air???

Sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck in your search.


Purple is a fruit!
Sorry to bust your bubble, but I live in Alaska (born and raised) and even I can't find a job flying a 206 to save my life. If you know of somebody who is hiring here, you must have been in the right place at the right time, or you know something I don't.
anybody know what happened to VILLAGE AVIATION.

About three years ago they flew Ce 207's out of Bethel on a government contract serving Eskimo villages.

The chief pillot was a big burly guy.

(Bethel kind of reminds of Siberia, although I've never been to either)
The best time to find jobs flying in Alaska is in February and March when the companies start thinking about hiring for the summer. Now is getting a little late.

Is LAB Flying Service still around ? That used to be the place people from the lower forty eight could get a job. Pen Air in Anchorage was the other.

It is one of those things where you need to go up there to get a leg up on the competition. Most companies can't touch a guy with less than 500 hours of Alaska time for insurance purposes.

Good Luck.

Pen Air is definitely NOT hiring. At least on the 121 side. In fact they have furloughed twice in the last six months. Rumor is they will do it again at the end of the summer. I don't think any of the 121 operators are hiring up here at the moment or will be in the foreseeable future. You might try Frontier or Warbelows out of Fairbanks, I thought one of them was looking for navajo drivers a few weeks ago...


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