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Job Fair--Worth it for ACA and ASA??

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beats working

Active member
Apr 16, 2002
I haven't yet applied, but am very interested in ASA and ACA. I don't know anyone at either place yet, so it's hard to have my resume "walked in."

Any thoughts on whether going to the AirInc ATL fair this weekend will help get me on the short list for an interview? I'll have to cancel other plans and shell out a few hundred scarce bucks, but I'm happy to do it if it'll help my chances at ASA or ACA.

Thanks for your thoughts.
Beats Working,
From what I understand from friends at ACA is that right now they doing all there hiring through walk-ins/ job fairs. I was just at the AEPS job fair in FLA, they had about a 15 min line to talk to some one at ACA, but they where taking resumes, and I think doing on the spot interviews. I don't know about ASA though, I don't think they where down there. Hope this helps
If you want a job as an airline pilot, don't limit yourself to just ACA and ASA. Go to the job fair, but have an open mind to other airlines. Who knows, you may listen to the guy from CommutAir or Express I talk about their respective companies and be interested in working for one of them.
It works!

Went to the last AEPS fair in Ft. Lauderdale, interviewed with ACA at the fair, got called to VA to do the sim ride and written two weeks later, and got the call for the job the next day.......
Yes, guys are encouraged to go to the WIA conference. In fact, guys are in the minority there and one could argue that a guy's chances at standing out (in a positive manner) are greater.

I know of several men who have attended the WIA conference and had good results with recruiters. Some of my best connections were made there as well. There is more time at these conferences to smooze with recruiters. At Air Inc, good luck if you only have to stand in line 30 minutes for a two minute face-to-face. At WIA, there are no lines and the conversations go on for more like 20 minutes.

Bad news is that the next conference is in the spring of 2003, and it's pricey.

Second best job fair (depending on who onne would like to visit) is AEPS. Good low price and not alot of long lines, unless you go to the SEA fair to speak with Alaska...

Air Inc is good if you show up for the job fair in the afternoon, have 100 bucks to burn and don't mind waiting in line with several hundred other guys. Don't bother with the morning sessions - once you seen it, trust me, you've seen it.

These are my own my opinions, but I feel qualified on the subject. Before I found my current job, which I LOVE, I went to every job fair (yes, every job fair) over a two year period sponsored by AEPS, WIA and Air Inc. Never made it to a OBAP or the army to airline transition ones.
Quote from Publisher:

They do work but you coould have accomplished the same thing at AEPS or WIA for $180 less.


Yes, actually it cost me a whopping $10 bucks to attend the fair as an AEPS member. Non members had to pay $20 to get in. I wonder how that other company gets away with charging so much money for the same thing!

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