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jetcorp @ SUS in St. Louis

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New member
Nov 17, 2005
I have an interview at jetcorp at SUS. Any current pilots or recent past ones? Looking for interview gouge. Julie in HR said she would be there with Chad (CP?). I have Crj experience from regionals. Also any info on QOL issues.

Be yourself.. answer the questions honestly, that is your best bet, customer service, and a good attitude.

QOL.. it really depends, we work 11 on 4 off, you'll get a few on-call days on the 11 on. mostly day trips, some overnights but it varies and there is no consistancy. 1.5 hour show on the ASAPs when you are on call, so you'll need to live close to SUS.

The equipment is good, maintainence does a good job, training at Simuflite DFW.

Upgrades.. well, that varies, we've had a couple in the last few months due to attrition, they are as needed to meet demand. Average for guys over 2500tt seems to be about 14 months. That could change as there is talk of more airplanes.

I've been here 8 months, I have great time, fly with good people, I was told a few weeks ago that I'm enjoying myself way to much. :)

Good luck.

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