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JetBlue verses FedEx?

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F15 Ret/FDX/InterviewPrep
Nov 25, 2001
Airline guys and wannabes...

Since 9/11, its been a long time since we had a carrier X verses carrier Y thread.

Here are my choices--FedEx on Jan 14 or JetBlue on 7 Jan. Which would you pick and why? I know I was very blessed to have a choice in this tough market.

I would encourage anyone who is looking for work to throw apps into SWA, JetBlue, and AirTran. If you are "on file" at FedEx...keep the faith. Things seem to be turning around there.
Good luck to everyone.

No hiring department is going to get torqued about this--my decision was made Monday and all parties have been informed. I would like to know what some of you think...if only to reinforce my decision was best for me. Eagleflip, JeffG, and Reuter know my choice...no fair spilling the beans.

Fly safe and sound off!

Let's see, a fairly new "startup" company, although a fairly promising one, or an established major carrier with a more extensive route structure than any other single carrier on the planet. Hmm....
Want to know your choice


I would like to know your choice. Since I am a member of the Fed Ex pool, I would like to know if a slot just became available.

Thanks in advance


(Break, Break)


Thanks for the private message.

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Well albie, since you currently fly an old, behemoth dinosaur, you probably wouldn't be comfortable flying new iron at JetBlue. I'm betting you're itching to sit sideways in an airplane that's the same vintage as your rodan.:D

I feel your pain! I'm in the FedEx and SWA pools right now but have a jetBlue class date of Feb 4th. Jennifer called today and told me to expect a class after April; Ouch! I've been agonizing over the right choice to make and feel there really are no wrong choices. Doing the math, I figure to be approx $120k ahead of FedEx going with jetBlue after the first 5 years due to the 8 month upgrade time to Captain. Captain pay at FedEx is significantly higher but I think stock options and profit sharing will go a long way toward making up the difference. I feel it's not as safe a move going with jetBlue over the others but I like a little spice in my life. As you can probably tell I'm leaning Blue but ask me again tomorrow and I may or may not give you the same answer.

I would have to say that FEDEx has difinitely proven itself over the test of time for long term stability and would be the number 1 choice.

However, there are so many variables with each individual, ie: base locations for commutiblity, time off, pay(pretty equal), people vs boxes, day vs night, pension vs 401K, better to serve your military obligation etc.

I have a hunch that because you mentioned Jeff G. in your post you're going blue! Am I right? Make sure you do tell us the answer.
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Still Waffling?

It's a tough decision. There's not a lot of happy folks at FedEx, and I'm not just talking about pilots. I have never seen such a hostile environment toward pilots -- not what I expected. However, you'll make more money (which is the ONLY reason to do this airline gig) and have a much better retirement package in the end. Speaking of the end -- chances are FedEx will be here, are you sure 'bout JetBlue? FedEx won't be as enjoyable as SWA (are 8 legs a day enjoyable) or JetBlue, but it probably makes more sense in the long run (as long as you can survive the schedule). Whatever decision you make, it's a win-win situation -- an enviable one to be in. Good Luck.

What other airlines have you worked at to have a reference point? In what way do is anyone hostile? Most of the folks I deal with are pretty nice, just doing their job. Does management negotiate hard and play hardball? Sure they do. Tell me an airline where they don't! SWA management is a possible exception, but that depends on who you ask. Some say it's great, others say that it is great so long as the pilots take what ever management offers them, but no more. Not being there, it's hard to say. Compared to UPS, AA, UAL, NWA, etc., I don't see much difference.
I'm going Blue


I wish I had the choice to make. Right now jetBlue is my only option and I am truly fortunate to be assigned to the Feb 4th class. Good luck to you and thanks for all the great info you have passed along.

FedEx vs. jetBlue

The contrast between FedEx and jetBlue couldn't be more striking. If you are customer oriented, computer smart, and like the challenge of flying new equipment in a leading-edge company, then pick jetBlue. Sure, it's a risk, but I have many friends who opted for Delta or American who are on the street today waiting for a callback. jetBlue wants people who are willing to take a risk. I personally think they are a great company that has a better chance of survival than many other major airlines that are hemmoraging cash. You need to be a bit of a risk taker to go with jetBlue, but I think the rewards--both financial and personal satisfaction will be greater.

For those whom money is the only reason you're flying airplanes, I feel sorry for you. Personally, I want to go to work and have fun every day. That's why I targeted jetBlue and SWA. I interviewed with both and was a bit disappointed in the pre-9/11 attitude of the pilots I met at SWA. They were all focused on the union meeting with management on 9/14. They didn't seem to have the passion for the job that your read about in Nuts. (In fact, from an employee perspective, I think jetBlue is more like the company in Nuts than SWA is these days.) Still, you have to acknowledge they are probably the safest bet in the pax hauling business.

If you see pax as a nuisance, then fly the boxes! I have several friends who fly for FedEx who tell me, "It's a job and pays well." FedEx is a great company and I don't mean to disparage them or my friends here, but they don't seem to have the passion for flying they once had. If you see airline flying as a means to another end, then FedEx is probably a good choice for you.

Bottom line: There is no one right answer for everybody. You have to decide which airline matches your needs/desires best! Whatever course you decide, you need to be convinced that it is the best option for you. Please don't show up in Miami hoping that you'll get the call from SWA. I'm sure every company and everybody working for that company would rather have somebody who is truly excited about coming to work than somebody who moans that they should have made another choice. As pilots we make decisions daily that affect the rest of our lives, like a previous poster said, "Make the decision and don't look back." Good luck. -- dgs

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