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JetBlue Scope?

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Well-known member
Dec 13, 2004
I remember a while ago there was a thread regarding that management offered basically the equivalent of a 'gentlemen's agreement' /handshake deal to protect scope, but with no guarantees of protection on paper. My question is, what exactly is the current status of JetBlue's scope protection? What's to stop them to outsourcing to regionals to fly E190s (like Republic)? No flame intended, rather, I'm truly wondering about what protections are available to the JetBlue pilot group. Thanks!
We have no protections at all and that's why ALPA will be on the property in less than a year.

Just one dudes opinion.;)
It was called "culturally based scope" and it sank like the proverbial turd!
Why does Jetboue Corp have person status and protections of the Consitution (Citizens United) but Jetblue pilots, as employees, cannot excercise First Amendment Constitutional rights?
I have green scope and brown scope, but nothing says that cape air won't fly E175's with Jetblue tails... ect... ect...ect...ect..

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