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JetBlue resume

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Well-known member
Jan 8, 2002
JetBlue's website has a Fax number as well as an address for sending resumes. Besides completing the online application, has anyone sent them a physical resume to their address at Kew Gardens? I realize that they pride themselves by catering to the computer-savy applicant, but was wondering if anyone has had any success/feedback with the archaic method of sending a "paper" resume.

Do you pronounce it Pecan or Pecahn?

I interviewed on December 12th and I only used the online application with a pasted resume (make sure it is left justified and .txt file when you cut and paste). No one I talked with mentioned having sent a resume via snail mail, and I know of several others who definitely did not send in a paper copy. I'd say sending one would be overkill, but if it makes you feel better have at it. I agree that they are leading edge with their use of computers, but they are definitely not the type of organization that would hold it against you for sending one in.

Good luck,
Resume Update


I've sent resume updates via email to [email protected] but haven't received acknowledgement. Maybe they'll be impressed with my persistence. :mad:
I recently e-mailed Dean Meloans and this is what he replied:

"Here's the deal. The next available round of interviews will take place in April as everything until then is full. We are also in the process
of replacing our existing web application with a new one. This will require all applicants to resubmit data into the new system in order to stay active because the two systems unfortunately don't interface.

Be on the lookout for an announcement of the new application system via the JetBlue website in mid February. One great feature of the new system is the ability for applicants to update data anytime online.

We conduct web searches for competitive candidates periodically and invite the strongest Pilots in for interviews based on those searches."

He attached a word document which specifically says they "do not accept resumes in lieu of web applications."

But I don't think it will hurt-

BTW, it looks like it'll be Mike Barger doing the interview on Monday, not Dave Barger. Mike is the Director of Training.
What in the world is a "Web Search"?

How does jetBlue do a "web search"?

Do they go to Google and enter "Highly qualified pilot"?

Just asking.

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