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JetBlue looking at 787's for longer flights

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We are building a new airport near the ocean in AZ for these long haul planes.
I hope he's "CONTEMPLATING" buying used space shuttles if he thinks we can make money with them.

How exactly is this news?
Utterly absurd. Straight out of the Ford and Harrison playbook. Does anyone actually fall for tricks like this anymore? They've only pulled this particular stunt about 4000 times now. Even Charlie Brown would EVENTUALLY wise up and tell Lucy to take her football and shove it.

JetBlue may buy another type of airplane, but it sure won't be anything from Boeing. We specialize in garbage airplanes. If he would have said A-330's it would have fooled more pilots.
If anything his statement was aimed at Airbus...JB is pissed they won't renegotiate our terms on the remaining 320 deliveries (everyone else gets them cheaper than us). Jetblue may or may not get bigger airplanes far down the line but for now it is just posturing to get Airbus back to the table for a lower rate.

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