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jetBlue Interview?

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Active member
Feb 1, 2002

The last correspondence I've had with jetBlue mentioned the next round of interviews would be April 17th. Since they like to give a months notice, we are entering the window for notifications. Anybody heard anything yet?
Also... since they have updated their application system, will the interviewees be drawn from the old data, (which they were going to purge from the system), or the new data that went online yesterday?

Turning Blue waiting for the opportunity to turn Blue!

It is my understanding that the new intrerviewees will be drawn from the new online applicants, since the old system was purged. If you are interested in pursuing jetBlue, you must complete the new online app.
I spoke with Dean early last week. They plan to pull the April interviewees out of the new database, so everyone needs to get their information in as soon as possible. It took a couple of weeks longer to get the bugs worked out than they thought, so I would expect some calls for April to go out within the next 2 weeks. BTW they gave me about 2 weeks notice back in August for a September interview.

I have my check ride on Sunday night, so wish me luck.

Evil Jim
Thanks for the quick answers guys... The online app went in early this morning, after a late night sim session. Hope I wasn't too tired to type straight. As mentioned in another thread, I went back to look at it this morning to make sure the info was correct, but I couldn't find the update feature. Any ideas?

Evil Jim,

If you passed failures five, you'll pass the check ride. But, "good luck" any way.


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