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JETBLUE...I got the job!!!

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Jul 4, 2002
The wait is over...I was called Wednesday, Aug 7th at 2:45. I interviewed June 26th. I will go to the Oct, Nov or Dec class. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed to this site and I hope I can assist those who are still trying to get back in the saddle and those looking for their dream job. My next hurdle...A320 school in Miami:cool:.
Good luck to all!
Congrats Iceman,
Looking forward to seeing you on line. Good luck in MIA and remember one thing. STUDY!!!!!


Here is a web-site that you might find useful:


Good luck in training!
As a former Coastie Herc Driver myself I would like to congratulate you on getting hired. Good luck with the new career. You won't miss ready crew for very long. And the meals are better too.

Fly Safe


You're gonna have a great time here!

I'm currently in training in Miami. Workin' pretty hard, but the course is good and we have some great instructors.

You'll get all you need to succeed when you show up here. The airbusdriver website is cool, but might not make a whole lot of sense to you yet. The calls and procedures are different, too.

Great company, great leadership, great attitude. Yer gonna' love it.

Look forward to seeing you on the line!

Congrats again!

Iceman, congrats, glad to see a US Airways guy get a good deal. PM me if you need any 'bus help. You'll love it. Does anyone know the difference between a new 'bus driver and an old 'bus driver? A new one says "what's it doing" and an old one says "it's doing that again!"

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