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jetBlue called!!!!

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Active member
Nov 26, 2001
Got the call...er...email last night for a 17 Apr interview!

I applied online last Oct, updated Dec and Jan. Reapplied via the new online system in March and emailed an update shortly after.

Needless to say, I am way stoked!!

Anyone else out there get a call?

Good luck, folks! Hope to see you there.



I interviewed in Dec and am checking this week. Great company and plenty of gouge on this site for the interview help. If you can't find it, let me know and I'll do what I can. You'll be amazed at how relaxing the environment is. Think Situation Action Result format in answering questions. Definitely one person you need to make contact with is Al Spain. He's directly responsible for the decision process. He'll be there all day during the interview answering questions in the "big room". You'll know him from the bow tie.

Jeff G makes great posts about the company and the specifics as well. Do a search for his stuff also.

Best of luck

Congratulations on the call. I inteviewed on Feb 12 and got the call from Dean on Apr 1 with the good news from the decision board. Now just waiting for stop loss to end so I can separate from the Air Force. Hoping for an Aug class date. If there is anything I can do to help in the process, let me know. I'd be glad to help anyone discover what an awesome company JB is and be glad to help with the interview process. Learn and live the 5 values and learn the company web site (i.e. press releases, business plan, etc.). Awesome interview atmosphere and cool relaxed people. Actually enjoyable, believe it or not.

Thanks, guys!

I appreciate all the good words! I'm really looking forward to the interview. Everyone I've met so far has had nothing but positive words for jetBlue. Hope I get the opportunity to join your team.

Jointops, Trueblue, congrats yourselves! Hope to see you 'round some day. Also hope to hear more good news from others. Jointops, I think I might have a buddy in your class....should know me under this name. Good luck on the check.

Thanks for the help, and good luck to all!


Best of luck with the interview process. You will be very impressed with this company, even during that rather high stress (self imposed stress, that is) day.

By all means--just be yourself during the interview. I think the interviewers are looking for genuine folks who care about a product and can work with people.

Remember, though...you'll be as much a "manager" as you will be a pilot in the A320!

By the way, during my interview 99% of the folks thought they were being original and wore a blue tie vice a red one...we still looked like clones in any case.

Oh yeah, almost forgot an interesting anecdote: While standing in a group with Lanny McAndrew (the chief pilot) asking questions, one guy started to ask something and another person in the group interrupted and said "EXCUSE ME!...I was the NEXT ONE in line to ask a question..."

Funny thing, but I didn't see that guy at training...

Good luck to all in their interviews.
Darwins theories work in the interview environment as well.
I'm in too

I got the call as well that has me smiling big time. I will see you there on the 17th.

I have been a big JetBlue guy for a while, but never thought I would get the call. Any sites have the latest and greatest on sample questions for the interview? The usual suspects, willflyfor food etc seem to be a little dated.
Tell me this isn't the same Kwijybo that was "on the loose" all over asia .... The dude with the stickers that were pictures of himself .... always wanted to party with that cowboy. Regardless, congrats and let's hope they keep dialing. It sure seems like Kew Gardens will be a crowded place on the 17th!
JB question

Does anyone know who it would be best to address JetBlue recommendation letters to? I am told you have to bring 3 to the interview and thought it would be nice to get these before a call comes. (Wishful thinking!!)

Thanks in advance!!

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