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JetBlue Apr 17 Interviews

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Well-known member
Mar 15, 2002
I read two or three of you had interviews last week.

In the words of the immortal Judge Shamels, "Wellllllllllll, we're waiting...."

So, how did the interviews go? :confused:
I'll go first.

Well, how to put it without it without sounding like a kool aid drinker.

The ride up on JB was like SWA, only better- mmmm leather seats. I didn't think the live TV would be a big deal, but I caught myself keeping up with sports center and a ball game on the way north. The SWA flavor is evident. I also think some of their smiles were due to the slightly successful IPO that went down a few days earlier.

The interviews were a carbon copy of SWA, the gouge is right on. I met a lot of quality guys the night before- not so many military, lots of US Air and Amer West folks. I sincerely think the interview would be better with a beer and pretzels at a bar. To get where you are, you can fly, they just want to see what your people skills are- are you someone who can be social and talk, or are you a slam clicker on trips. I was lucky enough to get to Ex Navy guys, so I could use the Navy lingo with them.

Al Spain is also a man with plan. He talked at length with the interviewees while waiting to be called. The company is basically kicking A$$ in the number of butts in seats department. What is slowing up their expansion is not cities or business, but a lack of aircraft and aircrew to fly them- which is a good place to be. Long Beach is also a complication they are dealing with.

Their were about 80 guys (that was the number tossed around- nothing official). It seems that they are interviewing in masse to fill a few months worth of upcoming classes. We were told to expect an email on Monday for good news- moving to the next phase, or a letter for the bad.


For me I am sold on JB. Not to say SWA et al arent good companies, but JB seems to have taken what works from all the others and incorporated it. They are a company that was formed after deregulation so are designed with this business enviorenment and are sticking to their gameplan.

The majority of my 'advice givers' say they aren't a proven commodity and have no track record. I am sure original FedEx guys heard that same line when they went there over Pan Am. The JB pay plan is pretty darn good, probably a lot better than when SWA took flight. Also, I think that it will evolve as the company does. Also, I would rather get in on the ground floor of something with great possibility than be pilot x of many thousand.

No airline is exactly perfect. I have a hard time listening to the NYC accent, and please, someone break up the Yankees, but I think I will get over it in time. In the meantime I look forward to hearing things like 'growth', 'expansion', 'awards', and 'profit' from my CEO instead of 'hemoraging money','furlough', and 'strike'.

I guess I got off topic a little, but wanted to add my take on things. Bottom line- if your suite is ironed, you can look people in the eyes when you talk and smile and enjoy your time at the interview session, I sincerely think you are ahead of the game before it begins. A couple of good war stories and and the ability to tell a story both complementary and critical of you will be all you need.
Had a great time!

Sorry, Dudes. Didn't have access to a computer for a while.

I had a great time at the interview and I think (hope) it went OK. Actually, these folks are so nice I think you'd leave feeling good about the interview even if you completely tubed it.

As noted above, the gouge, particularly at aviationinterviews.com is spot on. The interviewers were very upfront about wanting SAR. Just have some stories ready (and/or some co-workers or "customers" in mind in case they change the questions), relax, and give specific answers . Heard another dude near me sort of babble on and they didn't seem to like that too much.

I was very impressed with all the jB folks I met -- extremely sharp, professional but very friendly and easy going. COO Dave Barger also held court in the "safe" room answering questions for hours on end. I think he has a refrigerator brain, as he related volumes of info on any subject you cared to ask about. Both he and Al Spain were very open, informative and easy to talk to. They definitely have a vision and a coherent plan for the future and are sticking to it. Time will tell, of course, but they seem to have thought through the pitfalls that plague startups and the other majors for that matter.

HR folks from their People department were also very nice, but very sharp and definitely not pushovers. I used former student pilots as my "customers" and also told some non-flying stories which they seemed to like.

I was equally impressed with the quality of folks they called to interview. Fairly good mix of military (AF, Navy) with civilian. Met quite a few US Air guys and a couple of commuter bubbas with a wide range of ages to boot.

Bottom line, they are doing well without any Enron-financial smoke & mirrors, they have a positive, controlled growth strategy, they don't plan on doing anything that doesn't make $$$$ for the company, they cut a 13% profit-sharing check to EVERY employee last year, and they are a really great group of folks.

But heck, what do I know? Throw an app in and see for yourself.

To all you jetBlue folks (and Albie), thanks for the helpful info you posted on this board. I think you have a great deal going and I hope to join the team.

Good luck to all!


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