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JetBlue app updates

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Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
Is anyone else having problems with the JetBlue website when it comes to updating an app? Everytime I try it there is no recognition of name or password and I end up entering a completely new app.

I just went and checked after reading your thread. I updated my times 2 days ago and checked again today, it all seems ok from here. Maybe you should try from a different computer or get together and see what you are doing the same that it won't accept.

I'm sure you both meet all the mins, but if you don't enter them all, I've heard it will reject your app. So double check all your entries to ensure you have their mins covered. Hope it works out, good luck


I had a similar problem with name and password recognition and found I needed to disable my firewall protection in order to update my app. I also tried to submit another application, but I was not allowed since the program knew I already had an application on file. You may want to give that a try. Good luck!
Disregard -- seems to be working now for me. Same computer, same browser.

But while we're on the subject, does anyone know if JetBlue accepts letters of rec thru the mail? I just sent some in, figuring what the hey -- can't hurt.
They claim to not play favorites until after the interview. But I agree, even if they dispose of the LOR's, maybe they read them first and get your name in the back of their brains.

I've asked a few people I know to go bother them about me too.

Good luck.
I have been updating my Jet Blue app for about 3-4 months now and have found that different computers allow me to reference all data that I have entered, while other computers "hide" some of the fields needed for data input. Fortunately for me, up to this point, all flight time data fields are shown and I have been able to update properly. I am sure that if I were to change some browser settings on my computer it would allow for full access, but I am not that computer smart.
I would guess that you are experiencing similar problems at a higher level if you are unable to update at all. If anyone knows of a solution to my problem or the more serious problem of no access what so ever, this info would be greatly appreciated.

Also, for all of you that have received calls for an interview, how soon prior to your "availability date" did you receive a call. I am a military pilot with availabilty next summer. I was curious when I could possibly expect a call. I don't expect any calls anytime soon since I still have nearly a year left with my military committment, but I was just curious! Thanks!


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