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Jet Blue Security!!!!

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Well-known member
Dec 15, 2001
I saw in the news today Jet blue installing security camera's in their airplanes and the pilot has the view in the cockpit. I think its a good idea cos the pilot will know immediately if something is wrong back there. some of the people are raising questions about privacy but i think thats taken care of as its not recordable and no audio and they r telling people its been installed. what do u guys think of it and if it will help and will there be enough time for the captain to take any action??
safe flying always........

Check that its three greens.......
How much privacy can a person expect while flying with a plane load of people??? Now, if they are installing the cameras in the restrooms, that's a different story.:D
I agree. Privacy shouldn't even be an issue. I think this is a great idea. I would certainly like to know what is going on in the cabin before leaving the cockpit. Hopefully other carriers will follow suit.
JetBlue camera topic had a discussion last week ( SEARCH )....

But with cameras in the aircraft:

Yeah, can you see this, on short final, " HEY CAPTAIN! Flip to camera 4, that hot chick in 13b is bending over!"

Not that it would happen....

Iflew this a/c to ONT this last week. It's not like that at all. It's a little flat screen with 6 channels. 1-4 are shots from the galley. 1 and 2 looks down on the respective galley, and the others look down the aisles. the 5th cycles between the other four views, and the 6th is the Weather Channel, without sound. It's a great little system, but is hard to make out specifics in general, let alone at night. Oh yeah, everything but TWC is black and white, and no zoom!


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