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Jet Blue interviews?????????

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Active member
Jan 14, 2002
I know it's been less than a week but I was wondering if anyone got a call for an interview? I thought I heard that JB was going to interview in April. Anybody have any inside scoop on when they will be calling people. Thanks.

Anyone, Anyone,

Just pushing the thread up to the top. Many people, like me don't explore past the first page of threads.

So folks, it has been another week. Has anyone been fortunate to get a call. If so what are your stats.
Just saw on an ALPA web board that one of our AAA furloughees got a call on Friday for an April 17th interview. That's the first one I've heard of.

Here's hoping that my call comes soon! ;)
I saw the same post on the AAA site as Nandu. It sounded like the guy who got called applied in JAN under the old system. I don't know if he reentered his app in on the one or not. Due to the delays getting the new system up, they MAY have used the "old" applications for the 17APR interview.

Just speculation on my part.

Good Luck to all,
Could be...

That may be true, but all I've heard from buddies on the inside is to reapply via the new system regardless of previous app.

Also heard if you're having trouble with the new web app, talk to someone there (really friendly) or email Dean as a last resort.

Good luck to all!

JB interview

I just heard a buddy got called for the April interview. He had his app in prior to the new updated version and they called him this week.
I got a call for an April 17 interview last week, March 25?? I applied via the old system (no update) in Januray 02. I declined due to a training date committment with FedEx, I am forunate. JB appears to have a great future, good luck to all.

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