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Jet Blue Interview!

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Notwithstanding the previous post.......

Phase one is the interview process. There is an informational session with members of senior management where any questions can be asked, and two interviews. The first is a pilot and a flight attendant/HR type. The exit interview is done next and is a verification of the first interview. Very laid back and any pressure is self imposed.

Once you pass phase 1, then you go to phase two. Phase two is the background investigation. They contact your references, check your driving record, and look at your flying career.

Lastly, you are hired by the pilot hiring committee. They look at all the information and make a decision.

Good luck!

All time record one post to start ragging on pay. Same kids who yelled 'mine's bigger than yours' in the sandbox. furloughfodder and turbodriver, thanks for the constructive answers to the thread starter's question.
They can't answer the question because they don't know about the JB interview process.....after all, the pay stinks so why apply?

This is a good thing.....we don't need a bunch of whiners whining about their paychecks instead of taking care of the customers.

Ask the LUV employees.....they generally made less than their counterparts flying comparable equipment and now that they have achieved "critical mass", they command the best pay. Whether it lasts is anyone's guess, but they made it this far.

I have been in the business for 19 years and don't remember anyone ragging the LUV pilots, but the JB pilots are all wearing targets on their backs.

So take your shots.....your not going to make me into a malcontent who begs for union representation because I can't think for myself.


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