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Jeppesen FPS

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Well-known member
Jul 24, 2005
Anyone currently using the Jeppesen flight planning system to dispatch ETOPS flights?
We use Jetplan online as a backup, but no ETOPS. I can tell you however, that it S U C K S !!!!!!

Even telling the thing to run ETP's is a pain in the ass...
Same as propsarebest, it was our main system until we went to Sabre DM. Now our only interaction with it is Jetplan.

I'm really familiar with it...maybe I can help you. What's ya need?
we've had jepp for years, but we just started flying ETOPS flights. are the dispatchers able to manually add and remove adequate airports from the database for ETOPS flights on your system?
We have a web page that one of the dispatchers built and we used to be able to manual input the adequate airports but now they its a drop down box.
Our setup basically had where you could utilize any airport and it would calculate the ETP based on the most CFS, but the dispatcher would have to check the B342 to verify the airport.

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