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Jepp Low Altitude Enroute Charts

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Feb 12, 2005

My Jepp subscription expired but my low altitude charts are still from "REVISION 23 APR 04" this seems quite old to me. Are they still valid? There is no exp. date on them. Just curious as to how I would get new ones...if that is needed?
Revision Dates?

If you look in your plates, there is a section at the beginning that titled "Introduction". It has the breakdown and legend for the enroute charts and IAPs. Dig a little deeper towards the plates numbered US-901 (or something similar) and you will find the "US ENROUTE/AREA CHART CURRENCY LIST" page. It lists all the Low Enroute Charts, High Enroute, Area Charts and the latest revision dates.

Hope this helped.

Sorry, I should say that you need the most current or at least the plates that just expired, anything older is not going to give you the most up-to-date source of dates.
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new jepp l.a.e.c. come out when they are updated. some may be that old but i think i got a couple new ones in the last few revisions.
Thanks! I found page US-901 and there it is, 43/44, 45/46, 46/47 -- all from April 2004. Crazy! Thanks a lot. Makes me feel much better, got a long flight tomorrow and I felt really weird using 1 1/2 year old plates.
Keep In Mind....

Jepp does pack a lot of information into their plates (reflects the cost?) but today (Oct. 27) was a revision date for new IAPs. I didn't pick up a new set so I couldn't tell you if those charts are still current, but the ones you listed are NOT!!!

futurama08 said:
43/44, 45/46, 46/47 -- all from April 2004.

As of 26 AUG 05 to 27 OCT 05:

43/44: 20 MAY 05
45/46: 20 MAY 05

I don't see a 46/47 but 47/48: 1 JUL 05

Please don't fly with the low enroute that you have!!!
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Oh man...thanks! Weird JEPP....Well I have the FAA's charts but I really dislike using them. Safety first though.

Can you list the revisions that were done on 20 MAY 05?

NACO charts and plates....

Yeah, I understand the feeling towards the gov. publications, I won't even use them for toilet paper!

I'm scanning the revision dates chart and I hope to attach the file, but keep in mind, this expired TODAY OCT. 27 05'

The latest revisions are current now and I don't have them.

No Luck, I can't figure out how to attach a file....
ePilot22 said:
The latest revisions are current now and I don't have them.

No Luck, I can't figure out how to attach a file....

And this revision was h-u-g-e...

I started three days ago (since I wasn't flying) and just got done today. Put a looooooooong time into it.

It sucks.

Let me just take a moment to thank everyone for helping me out. I'm all straightened out and using the correct FAA charts, from Oct 27 to Dec 22 2005.

KCZG-KSYR-KIGX tomorrow! Let's hope the tops aren't too high so I can get above any clouds. Yeah I'm IFR but no need to fly in clouds with icing potential :)

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