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Jblu f/o qol

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No disrespect to my JB friends out there, but if going to JB now means E190 FO on reserve for 2+ years (perhaps longer), most likely living near JFK, a long wait for Airbus flying (i.e., variety with some transcon flying vs primarily East Coast on the 190), no real shot at a West Coast base for many years, and mediocre healthcare benefits, why should someone who also has an opportunity with VA not seriously consider it? I am NOT in that position but I actually know someone who will have that choice shortly. Sure, you could say VA could be questionable financially (cash on hand), but that could improve (I would hope). VA pay will likely improve in time (I remember when JB pay was very low at the beginning), upgrade time on an Airbus is shorter at VA and you get some West Coast bases if that is important. JB looks more stable but you will likely sit on an E190 on reserve out of JFK for a long time. I realize MCO might also be a possibility. If you are lucky enough to have the choice between JB and VA, you certainly would have some tough points to consider.

BTW, has JB lost any junior pilots to VA due to the slow movement????

I have not heard of any junior guys leaving lately. If you are a west coast guy VA might be a good option. You truly roll the dice in this industry. Jetblue is a good company to apply to if you are young or are out of work. I have come to the realization that it really does not matter who you work for, instead what matters is your relative seniority. My previous airline was a bottom feeder supplemental but my seniority was near the top verses jetblue 1200 range. Oddly enough my QOL was better where I was, not bitchin just sayin. I have no regrets it was the right decision at the time with the information available. Bottom line is do what is right for you not what others think.
Right now, I'm on reserve at a regional with poor work rules with no end in sight. Might as well swap it out for a better airline with better work rules with no end in sight. :)
Fellas, unfortunately we have no crystal ball to see what lies ahead for any airline. All you can do is make an educated decision, based on what you can see right now. I have been on reserve at JetBlue for 3 years now (6 year tenure). I enjoy the company, and plan on retiring here. JetBlue, along with any other airline out there, can go through periods of growth, as well as periods of stagnation. Management teams can and will change hands multiple times throughout your career. Bottom line......anything can happen.

Here's what I know now.......
JetBlue still has many aircraft on order for years to come. I don't recall exactly how many, but it is significant. Deliveries can and probably will be (IMHO) deferred to some degree. Regardless, we are still receiving aircraft, and plan on receiving them into the foreseeable future. Aircraft orders are always subject to change at any carrier. An airline has to adapt with the industry in order to survive. As for now, we need pilots. We are understaffed, and have more aircraft coming onto the property. Regardless of the exact number of orders, it will always change as an airline matures. All major carriers have ordered aircraft, cancelled orders, and sought out new aircraft types at some point. It's a business afterall, and the goal is to be profitable.

The new reserve system under the new FSM (flight scheduling manual) has gotten worse (again, IMHO). In the past (prior to the new FSM), reserve was very liveable. From Septemeber through February (excluding holidays), I saw a lot of long call (14 hr call out). From March through August, I saw only short call (2 hr call out). The new FSM has been slowly implemented since the Spring. It appears that it will be fully implemented by year's end. I have worked more this summer than any previous summers on reserve. Understand, I have no problem working when I am on the company's dime. But I am also away from home more now than ever. I have less control over my schedule. Just by looking a the reserve numbers for September, if I do see long call (and that is a big IF), it will be very limited. We are now in uncharted territory with the new FSM. For certain, my quality of life has taken a hit.

I am not trying to scare anyone away, as I believe this is a great place to work, and I think we have a good future here. What allows me to sleep better at night is the fact that we are in the process of another union drive. I believe unions are inevitable as we grow. There is a reason why most (94% I believe) US domestic airlines are unionized. We have a great group of pilots here, and it is up to us to help secure our own future. JetBlue provides a great product and great employees. However, this is a business, and management has to be held accountable to the shareholders. What we seek with a union is what the company cannot provide on their own. It's the nature of the beast.

So those of you looking at JetBlue as a future career, I welcome you. You have a chance to be a part of something great. This airline has not only survived, but has thrived. Through a CBA, we will not only protect our culture, but enhance it. This reserve system will eventually change for the better, but it will happen with the help of good representation. So choose wisely and look at the trends at all carriers. Some hire until they furlough. Be careful. I believe JetBlue will grow slowly over the next few years, but the good news is that we are hiring, not furloughing. When times were bad, we did not furlough. Growth may be at a snail's pace today, but tomorrow is a different day. It's an airline.....anything can happen.
I'll buy that, plus, $#it happens and that's why we have rsv.

My absolute favorite one was when they called me at 1035 for the 1015 dept to XXX. Do you think you can get there for a 1100 dept? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawsome.

Ill be there for the 1215 departure.
great post ski..appreciate it! Which is more likely for newhires..JFK RSV or BOS? Do you see the union drive leading to an in-house union or ALPA?
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There are credible rumors that the new class in mid sept will be a mix of bus and 190. If you get boston I own/run a great crashpad in Orient Heights. Its a recently built townhouse with 14 spots.
There are credible rumors that the new class in mid sept will be a mix of bus and 190.

Which would be preferable? I see pros and cons to each, but that's from an outsider's perspective. Seems like it's a decision of possibly having a shorter time on reserve but having less variety and hourly pay on the 190 vs. probably having a longer time on reserve, but with better trips and more pay on the airbus. I realize these kinds of things usually come down to personal preferences, but what other things should a potential new hire consider if they were lucky enough to be offered the option?
If you get the bus, you will likely be junior for a long time. There are plenty of guys on the 190 now that aren't going to give up a base for 10%. (ME) You'll probably be in JFK, maybe BOS sittin RSV for awhile. I don't think it'll be two years or more, but it could be. I would guess 1yr to 18months and the early classes will see improvments. Catch the tail and your stuck without a chair when the music stops! I would guess that the guys who get the 190 will see lines sooner.


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